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KPU Exam Proctoring

What is exam proctoring?

KPU students who need to write a course exam outside of the classroom may seek approval from their course instructor to write the exam with Assessment and Testing Services. These make-up exams–only if approved by the instructor–are written under the supervision of an Assessment and Testing Services proctor.

Why would I need to have an exam proctored?

Typically, KPU students write their exams with Assessment and Testing Services when either (1) they've arranged with their instructor to write at a time other than their classmates or (2) they have an approved accommodation that they have elected to use for the exam that for any reason is easier to host outside of the classroom.

What is the cost?

There is no charge to write an exam with an accommodation.

Students who are requesting a make-up exam are charged $40 per exam, to a maximum length of 3 hours. Each additional hour (or portion thereof), is an additional $10. Students who must reschedule a proctored make-up exam will be charged an additional $40.  Rescheduling your exam must be approved by your course instructor.

Testing fees are non-refundable.

What do I do to set up a proctored exam?

  1. Download anPDF icon ATS Exam - Instructor Approval Form here or pick up from the Assessment and Testing Services (ATS) office (Surrey Main Building/Rm 138).
  2. Take form to instructor to complete and sign for approval to write proctored exam.
  3. Email completed Proctored Exam Instructor Approval form with instructor’s signed approval to or drop off at ATS.
  4. Include a copy of your Accommodation Letter if scheduling an exam with accommodation.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation of your test date and location.
  6. Go to Student Enrolment Services (SES) front counter on any campus to pay for exam. Make sure to keep receipt. Best to pay on the day of the exam.

What do I do on the day of the exam?

1.    Arrive at the test location, at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled exam.
2.    Bring current photo identification.
3.    Bring your copy of your receipt of payment for make-up exams.

Important Information

  • Make-up exams will not be scheduled without a completed Proctored Make-up Exam Approval form that has been signed by the student’s instructor.
  • Students who arrive late for a scheduled exam will not be given extra time to write the exam or may have to reschedule the exam.
  • Make-up exams are offered at the Surrey campus only, on Wednesdays at 2pm and 3pm and Thursdays at 9:30 am and 10:30am.
  • In-class proctoring services are not provided.
  • Completed exams are emailed back to instructors.
  • If a student must reschedule a make-up exam, a new Proctored Exam Instructor Approval form must be completed, signed by the instructor, and submitted to the ATS office.

If you have any questions about proctored exams, please contact Assessment and Testing Services at 604-599-2368 or