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Math Testing

Mathematic (math) assessments are designed to identify the appropriate math course that is reflective of the student's current knowledge, abilities and future needs. There are two math assessments which students may register for through Student Enrollment Services to test their competency:

Academic Career Preparation (ACP) Math Assessment

  • This math test will place you into the appropriate level of math upgrading at KPU. You should take this test if you are registered in the Adult Basic Education program, wish to pursue the Adult Dogwood, or have not completed Pre-Calculus 11 or Foundations of Math 11.

Math Placement Test (MPT)

  • Your initial placement in a Mathematics course at KPU is determined primarily by your BC high school record in Mathematics.  However, if you do not satisfy the requirements for direct admission to a mathematics course, you may qualify to write the Mathematics Placement Test. This test is designed to assess your true knowledge and comprehension of Mathematics.  Please see the Math Alternatives Table:
  • This test can assist the KPU Academic Advisors in recommending an appropriate upgrading course for you.

If you have any questions about testing or upgrading at KPU, or need assistance in identifying the appropriate assessment, please make an appointment to see the ACA Academic Advisor at



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