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University Transitions Project

University Transitions Project

KPU is moving forward with the implementation of the Senate-approved Admissions Framework and Foundations of Excellence recommendations.  

Aligned with KPU’s Vision 2018 strategic plan, the Transitions Project ensures that the supports students need to be successful are provided throughout their experience at KPU.

KPU began seeking input on these changes in 2011. Our initial focus has been to align our admissions and advising practices to best support a diverse range of students.  Soon we will begin addressing the recommendations coming out of the Foundations of Excellence Project related to improving the first year experience of KPU students.

This work could not have taken place without the invaluable contributions of a very large group of KPU faculty, staff and students who participated in the Admissions Framework and the Foundations of Excellence initiatives. 

We hope there will be many who continue to participate as we move forward. If you have feedback or questions about the Transitions Project, please contact us, or email us at


University Transition News

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