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Work Exploration Program

We will not be accepting applications for Fall 2021.  The next available intake for the Access Programs will be Fall 2022.  Please register here for notification of when we will be hosting our APD Information/Intake Sessions for 2022. We look forward to welcoming students back into the program in Fall 2022.



What is the Work Exploration Option?

The Work Exploration option encourages students to explore work and continuous learning opportunities.  They will increase independence in campus, community and work settings.  Students will also develop essential skills through participation in a combination of employment-oriented classroom instruction and monitored work experience.


Work Exploration Student Standing in front of a job search chart

How long is this Option?

The Work Exploration Option is a 10 month full-time program with both class content and work experience assignments.  September - June.


How much does it cost?

Students pay an application fee of $40, plus moderate program fees (approximately $1,200).  In some cases, various government ministries may pay a portion of these costs.  This program is defined as adult upgrading and students may be eligible for the Adult Upgrading Grant.


Where is it offered?

The Work Exploration Option is offered on the Langley, Richmond and Surrey campuses.


How do I apply?

Register to attend one of our APPD Information Sessions - register here.


What are the program entrance requirements?

  • Interview with an APD faculty member
  • Learning difficulties that hinder scholastic success
  • Satisfactory English proficiency as assessed according to departmental guidelines in faculty interview

NOTE:  All applicants are assessed and selected by APD faculty members. Meeting the minimum admission requirements DOES NOT guarantee admission.