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Regional Food System Online Hub

This online hub is an organized collection of regional food systems resources including extension publications, academic papers, community project reports, community initiatives, regional production and processing guides, consumer surveys, and food system assessment reports. The hub permits food producers, processors, retailers as well as community advocates and policy makers to conveniently search and access a wealth of regional food system resources to advance their work.

Food System

If you are searching specifically for local government food system policies, visit the B.C. Food System Policy Database

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Title: Embeddedness and Local Food Systems: Notes on Two Types of Direct Agricultural Market
Author: Hinrichs, C.

Title: Rediscovery of Traditional Ecological Knowledge as Adaptive Management
Author: Berkes, F., Colding, J., Folke, C.

Title: Designing a Foodshed Assessment Model: Guidance for Local and Regional Planners in Understanding Local Farm Capacity in Comparison to Local Food Needs
Author: Blum-Evitts, S.

Title: Mapping Potential Foodsheds in New York State by Food Group: An Approach for Prioritizing Which Foods to Grow Locally
Author: Peters, C., Bills, N., Lembo, A., Wilkins, J., Fick, Gary, W.

Title: Testing the Assertion that 'Local Food is Best': The Challenges of an Evidence-Based Approach
Author: Eduards-Jones, G.

Title: Evidence-based strategies to build community food security
Author: McCullum, C., Desjardins, E., Kraak, V., Ladipo, P., Costello, H.

Title: Indigenous Food Systems on Vancouver Island
Author: Davis, J., Twidale, E.

Title: Examining Social Capital Within a Local Food System
Author: Glowacki-Dudka, M., Murray, J., Isaacs, K.

Title: Reweaving the Food Security Safety Net: Mediating Entitlement and Entrepreneurship
Author: Allen, P.

Title: Tending Cultural Landscapes and Food Citizenship in Toronto's Community Gardens
Author: Baker, L.