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FAQs | Alumni

How do I update my contact information with the KPU alumni office?

Alumni can easily update their contact information online by accessing the Update Information page

How can I receive copies of my transcripts?

An official transcript is a copy of the student's permanent academic record that is imprinted with the signature of the Registrar. Partial transcripts will not be issued. 

A request for an official transcript should be submitted at least 10 working days before it is required. There is a charge for transcripts.

All student obligations relating to fees, library books, rentals or borrowed equipment or other materials must be met before official transcripts will be released.

Can I have my credential reprinted?

Yes. You may request a duplicate copy of your credential—with the university's new name—for a fee of $25. Please complete the Graduation Credential Request Form to submit your request. Alumni are only required to complete parts of the form that apply (e.g. 'convocation' and 'academic history' are not applicable). 

Where can I find out about job postings or career services support?

Kwantlen alumni are eligible for free career counselling and employment workshops, as well as access to KPU's electronic job posting board. Sign up now. For more information call Career Services at 604.599.3009.

Do I qualify as a KPU Alumnus?

Kwantlen "alumni" or "alumnus" refers to anyone who was granted a degree, honorary degree, diploma, certificate or citation by Kwantlen College, Kwantlen University College, or Kwantlen Polytechnic University. There is no charge for membership in KPUAA and upon graduation, students automatically join the alumni community.

What is the alumni card and how do I get one?

The KPU Alumni Card is your ticket to valuable programs, services and discounts only available to Kwantlen alumni. The best part is, signing up is easy and free. For more information.

Does my alumni card work at the library?

Yes, your KPU Alumni Card also works as a library card. Click here for information on alumni library perks and privileges.

Can the alumni office help me get in touch with an old friend from school?

Due to privacy laws, we are unable to give out personal contact information. However, many of our alumni have registered in the Alumni Professional Directory. If you are unable to contact the person through the directory or KPUAA's Facebook page, we can try to make contact on your behalf and provide the person with your contact information.

How do I take my name off Kwantlen Polytechnic University's and KPUAAs mailing list? To take your name off KPUAA's mailing list, simply send an email request to To remove your name from the University's mailing list, please call the Admissions Office at 604.599.2000.