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Apprenticeship Registration Process

Apprenticeship Registration Process

Regulations regarding registration, fee payment deadlines, refunds of tuition, and withdrawals are unique for apprenticeship levels.


      Apprenticeship Registration - Paper Request Form


Apprentice Registration

Apprentices can request registration in an available apprenticeship intake by completing the Apprenticeship Registration Request Form (forms must be sent to Apprentice Services or Student Enrolment Services)

Upon registration the Refunds and Fee Adjustments Rules apply.  

It is recommended to register in current and future apprenticeship intakes to support your technical training progression. 


Apprentice Receipt of Registration Request

Apprentice Services will send an acknowledgement letter within 14 days to confirm your registration requestIt is important that you read and become familiar with the information provided in this letter.  You will be directed to your KPU online resources for updates.


Apprentice Registration Request Qualifying Process

Apprentice Services will evaluate your request for registration utilizing your apprentice records through Industry Training Authority Direct Access system to ensure that you have met the ITA published registration requirements for the apprenticeship level you have requested registration in. Apprentice Services will also evaluate your KPU records to ensure Apprentice Payments, Refunds and Fee Adjustment has been met.


Apprentice Outstanding Registration Requirements

Apprentice Services will connect with apprentices who do not meet the ITA published registration requirements and/or the full payment for the intake has not been received by KPU.  At this point your registration request is pending and cannot be confirmed.

  • Apprentices will be provided a deadline to correct outstanding registration requirements.  It is important that you take responsibility for your registration and to check your myKwantlen email account daily to ensure that you do not miss an email notification. 

Your registration will be removed/dropped from the intake 60 days prior to class start should the outstanding registration requirement(s) not be corrected (see Refunds and Fee Adjustments Rules).  


Apprentice Registration Confirmation

For apprentices that have met the ITA published registration requirements and the full payment has been received by KPU; a registration confirmation will be sent from Apprentice Services to your myKwantlen email account

Upon receipt of your registration confirmation remember to complete application to the Employment Program of British Columbia (EPBC) Apprentice Program Financial Supports and to Employment Insurance (EI) through Service Canada a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks prior to class start. Additional instructions are available at


Apprentice Withdraw Registration

See Refunds and Fee Adjustments Rules.