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Need Course Help?


If students have complaints or concerns, the following is the Kwantlen chain of command.

  1. See your Instructor during office hours, or make an appointment to see them if the posted office hours are not convenient for you.
  2. Contact the Anthropology Chair, Sabine Stratton. The first question she will ask is if you have spoken to the instructor.
    Office: Fir Room 217 (Surrey)
    Phone: 604.599.2166
  3. Contact the Associate Dean, Wade Deisman, Faculty of Arts who is responsible for Anthropology. The first question he will ask is if you have spoken to the Instructor and the Chair about your issue.
    Office: Room A2112 (Surrey; Second Floor of the Library)
    Phone: 604.599.2395

If students require a compassionate withdrawal from courses, they must contact Counselling and Advising Services at 604.599.2044.