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Sam Migliore BA (McMaster), MA (McMaster), PhD (McMaster)

Surrey Campus: 
Surrey Office: 
Fir Building, Room 207
Langley Campus: 
Langley Office: 
West Building, Room 2018

Dr. Sam Migliore is a medical and visual anthropologist at KPU, in Surrey, British Columbia. He has worked extensively with Italian Canadians, and has also travelled to Italy for additional research. His research has led to the publication of numerous articles, several ethnographic films, and two books. Sam recently served as the principle investigator of a SSHRC-funded research project addressing issues of culture and well-being among Italian Canadians in Cape Breton, southern Ontario, and the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

Canada and Southern Europe: medical and visual Anthropology; Italian Canadians; Mediterranean peoples; research ethics; well-being and the communication of distress; applied anthropology; life history; ethnicity, place, and mobility; urban studies; and, the history of anthropology.

Scholarly Work