Ross Laird

BA (UBC), M.C.Ps. (Antioch), PhD (Union Institute)

Ross Laird, PhD RCC is a clinical consultant focused on trauma, addictions, and social vulnerability. He is a best-selling author, award-winning scholar and educator, and clinical supervisor for BC’s largest licensed non-profit program in addictions and mental health. Ross has taught at more than a dozen post-secondary institutions and has worked with hundreds of organizations in more than 35 years of professional practice. He focuses particularly on traumatized and marginalized client populations — those navigating homelessness, mental illness, and complex trauma — and provides professional development training for organizations that serve them: social service agencies, first responders, cultural groups, nonprofits, and educational institutions.

Ross’ approach is grounded in creative modalities, contemporary research, and cultural knowledge. He is the author of three books focused on the relationship between creativity and mental health and co-author of Musem Objects, Health and Healing (developed in partnership with the 9/11 Museum, the War Childhood Museum, the Happy Museum, and others), which proposes a new methodology for cultural institutions to grapple with complex issues such as national trauma and war. His chapter in the widely-acclaimed Object-Based Learning and Well-Being explores the natural world as a context for curated and cultural experiences of health and healing.

In his teaching, writing, consulting, and mentorship, Ross is continually reminded of the complexity and nuance of human behaviour, the crucial role of cultures and communities, and the surprisingly diverse pathways of health and healing discovered by those who search for them.

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