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Criminology Student Society

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Logo created by Anjeet Gosal

What is the Criminology Student Society?

Are you interested in meeting other students studying criminology at KPU? Do you have an interest in criminal justice issues? The Criminology Student Society has been organized to provide KPU students with a variety of events and services, including career information sessions, movie nights, course study services, and other campus activities. The Criminology Student Society provides an excellent avenue to learn about various career opportunities in the criminal justice system, field of law, and various community justice agencies. You will meet other criminology students and faculty at KPU.

We help students network with volunteer opportunities and hold informational sessions to find out more about an area of interest. We welcome new ideas and would like to hear from you. If you have an idea for an information session you would like to attend, a social event you would like to be a part of, or a field trip related to criminology – share your valued ideas with us!!! The club can be whatever the student members want it to be (fun & interactive)!

Who is eligible for membership?

Any current student of KPU is eligible for membership.

Questions? Comments?

For more information on the Criminology Student Society, please email:

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