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Terry Sawatzky Certificate in Fine Art (UBC-Okanagan), Welding Ticket (UBC-Okanagan ), Certificate in Fine Arts (Emily Carr), Certificate in Multimedia (UBC)

Surrey Office: 
Fir 108
Terry Sawatzky went to Okanagan College (now UBC-Okanagan University) to study Fine Arts in 1977 and received a diploma after two years. He then took a ten month Industrial Welding course at Okanagan College and received a welding ticket (DPW #3, “good for life” - until they changed the rules a year later). After spending three years at Emily Carr studying sculpture, installation, performance, sound, and drawing, Terry graduated with an Honours Diploma, the Student Society Award and the provincial Helen Pitt Award (Emily Carr was not yet a degree granting Institution in 1984). Terry's work was reflective of the analog sound production of the time - tape loops, stripped tape machines, deconstructed, reverse engineered components and speakers, as well as steel "scaffolding systems", "switch machines", “mechanical kinetic sound sculpture” and drawings. Terry worked for thirteen years in a metal shop building custom furniture, props, and sculpture (other artists’ as well as his own). As “home computers” became available Terry experimented with programmed animation, which eventually led to a Multimedia Intensive program at UBC. All this led to working as a Couse Assistant at UBC in Digital Media; Technician at Emily Carr in Metal, Wood, and, Industrial Design and, in 2010, joining the team at KPU as a Sculpture Technician.
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