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Note: Since not all courses are offered in every semester or on every campus, students are strongly advised to seek counselling from members of the Modern Languages department before planning their program. It is best if students e-mail or telephone the instructor for an appointment before coming in. For some of our courses, students are required to take a placement test prior to registering. For assessments, please contact your instructor: Faculty Listing.


FREN 1100: French for Beginners I
FREN 1101: French for Beginners II
FREN 2200: Intermediate French I
FREN 2201: Intermediate French II
FREN 3300: Upper Intermediate French I
FREN 3301: Upper Intermediate French II
FREN 3305: French Through the Media


LING 1100: Introduction to Language Structure
LING 1300: Languages of the World
LING 2120: Grammatical Patterns in Language
LING 2300: Language in Society
LING 2400: First and Second Language Acquisition


GERM 1100: Basic German I
GERM 1101: Basic German II
GERM 2200: Intermediate German I
GERM 2201: Intermediate German II
GERM/CUST 3300: German Culture Through Film*


MAND 1100: Basic Mandarin I
MAND 1101: Basic Mandarin II
MAND 2200: Intermediate Mandarin I
MAND 2201: Intermediate Mandarin II
MAND 3300: Mandarin for Speakers of Other Chinese Dialects I
MAND 3301: Mandarin for Speakers of Other Chinese Dialects II
MAND 3310: Upper Intermediate Mandarin: Reading & Writing I
MAND 3311: Upper Intermediate Mandarin: Reading & Writing II
MAND 3312: Chinese Language and Culture Through Film


JAPN 1100: Basic Japanese I
JAPN 1101: Basic Japanese II
JAPN/CUST 1200: Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture*
JAPN 2200: Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 2201: Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN 3300: Upper Intermediate Japanese I
JAPN 3301: Upper Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN/CUST 3310: Japanese Business and Culture*
JAPN/CUST 3320: Japanese Culture Through Film*
JAPN 4400: Advanced Japanese I: Conversation


PUNJ 1100: Introductory Punjabi I
PUNJ 1101: Introductory Punjabi II
PUNJ 2200: Intermediate Punjabi I
PUNJ 2201: Intermediate Punjabi II
PUNJ 3300: Canadian Punjabi Literature
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Note: * Courses are taught in English.

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SPAN 1100: Basic Spanish I
SPAN 1101: Basic Spanish II
SPAN 2200: Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2201: Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 2205: Writing and Oral Skills for Spanish Speakers
SPAN 3310: Adavanced Spanish Conversation through Film
SPAN 3320: Advanced Spanish Reading and Writing