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Applying to the program

Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies

For students interested in applying to the program….
Please apply to the Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies through regular admission to the Faculty of Arts. 
Link to Application Information

This is an Open Intake Program in the Faculty of Arts.  Business courses are included in the program and students from the School of Business are also encouraged to take the Certificate in NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations) and Nonprofit Studies.  

Both the Faculty of Arts and the School of Business require English Proficiency for Admission.

For students needing further Admissions requirements:
KPU is proud to offer The Pathway to KPU for students who might not fit the Admission requirements.

If you have any questions, you can contact KPU’s Future Students Office at
International students should contact our Office of International Recruitment and Admissions at

For questions about English requirements, you can also ask....
After contacting the Future Students Office, you can also ask an ACA (Academic and Career Advising) advisor:

You can check drop-in dates, or make an appointment, with an Advisor:

Academic and Career Advising (ACA) runs the English upgrading course.  You check when these courses are scheduled by looking up English Qualifying courses (ENGQ) under the Calendar