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Laddering the Program

Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies 

Laddering with the Credential….
The following are the programs that most directly relate to continued study, following from the Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies –

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Bachelor of Arts (BA)

HRMT (Human Resource Management)

ANTH (Anthropology)

ENTRE (Social Entrepreneurship)

SOCI (Sociology)

MRKT (Marketing)

GEOG (Geography)

ACCT (Accounting)

POLI (Political Science)

PRLN (Public Relations)

POST (Policy Studies)

  JRNL (Journalism)

Additionally, the following programs offered in other faculties are also applicable:
AGRI (Sustainable Agriculture) – Bachelor Applied Science
ENVI (Environmental Protection Technology) – Diploma

For any questions, please contact the Program Coordinator, Larissa Petrillo at:

In all cases, the courses that are included in the Certificate in NGO and Nonprofit Studies serve as the required pre-requisite for the following upper-level options -