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Student Testimonials

Hear what our recent grads had to say about Political Science at KPU

"My time as a Political Science student was rewarding, empowering, and transformative. The supportive professors and intimate class sizes at KPU provided a fertile environment for learning and developing my skills. The challenging and rewarding classes gave me public speaking and leadership skills I never thought I'd have. The knowledge I gained gave me a leg-up in my advocacy and government relations work. I couldn't be more grateful for the professors and community in the Political Science program for setting me up to work in the politics & government field." - Alex McGowan, BA Major, Political Science (2016)

"Studying Political Science at KPU allowed me to broaden my perspective, and provided me with a solid personal and academic foundation that I have found invaluable in law school." - Ryan Tenta, BA Major Political Science (2014)


"As an impending graduate of the Political Science Program, I am forever grateful for the professors and peers with whom I have spent the last three and a half years. Their passion and insights motivate me to work harder and improve myself, not only as a scholar but also as a person. I love what Kwantlen University has to offer: small classes and passionate professors and peers. They bring comfort and close connections, but also create a competitive environment where you are encouraged to give your best. You learn more when you are allowed to press beyond the limits. Kwantlen Political Science gave that opportunity."


Hana Pham BA Major in Political Science (2018)