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Bsc Psychology Lab

Surrey BSc Psychology Lab
Lab Instructor: Brandon Justus
Room: Fir 222
Phone: 604.599.3067 E-mail: or (I check this one quite often)

**Please Note:

The Surrey BSc psych lab is (generally) a closed lab. If you need access to the lab or any lab materials, please contact the lab email.

Theory of Mind Lab (PSYC 2322)

Data Submission:

Dissection Lab Diagram Handout

Dissection Lab Handout Answer Key

Caffeine Lab 

In Class Form: (Feb 12th, 2020)

Take Home Form (Feb 19th, 2020)

Data for Lab Report: TBA  (Feb 20th, 2020) 

Please submit your report by email. (Feb 27th, 2020th)

Online Quizzes 

PSYC 2315 Sheep Brain Neuroanatomy Self Test



Tutorial Videos For Graphing in Excel:

1. Bar Graphs

2: Standard Error of the Mean, and Why It's Important

3. Error Bars

4: Multiple Independent Variables in the Same Graph



5. Scatterplots

6. Regression Lines / Correlations