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Kevin Hamilton BA (PEI), MES (York), PhD (York), Post Doctoral Fellowship (Defence Canada)

Kevin Hamilton
Richmond Campus: 
Richmond Office: 

Courses Taught

Areas of Interest

I am interested in a broad range of topics in applied psychology and Human Factors. I am particularly interested in environmental variables and their interrelationship with human health and performance in the context of specialized working and living environments.  Sample topic areas include shift work, hyperbaric medicine, maritime operations, aviation psychology, as well as architectural systems and their relationship to human behaviour.

I am interested in supervising Honour students on a wide range of applied topics.

Recent Research: Hazard recognition under degraded visual conditions with Tree Fallers in coastal British Columbia

Honours theses (Areas of past supervision):

Effectiveness of 3D Compared to 2D Signage on Recycling Behaviour

Post-Traumatic Stress in Lower Mainland British Columbia Firefighters

Shiftwork Schedules with the Vancouver Fire Department

Global Positioning Systems in Private Pilot Training

Usability of Online Learning Platforms (awarded a Canadian Psychological Association Certificate of Excellence)

Hazard Recognition Training using 3D Photography – applications for Tree Fallers in coastal British Columbia


Select Areas of Publication:

Teaching and Curriculum Development:

  • Teaching system perspectives in Human Factors Psychology 
  • Applied degree development in undergraduate Psychology programs


  • Task analysis methodologies for establishing Canadian Coast Guard vision standards
  • Hearing standards for the Canadian Coast Guard
  • Extended crewing periods for the Canadian Coast Guard
  • Review of fast ferry wheelhouses: Ergonomic recommendations for design


  • Adaptation to inert gas narcosis in compressed air diving
  • Effects of inert gas narcosis on the vestibular ocular reflex
  • Inert gas narcosis and pharmaceutical interventions
  • Performance and safety in mine countermeasures diving


  • Simulator induced sickness in the CP-140 (Aurora) Flight Deck Simulator
  • Postural equilibrium tests for examining flight simulator sickness
  • Workload measurement in army low level helicopter operations
  • Measurement of situational awareness in aerospace environments


  • Post-traumatic stress effects in professional fire-fighters
  • Hazard recognition in coastal logging
  • Ergonomic guidelines for pulp and paper process control room design

Journals in which I have published:

  • Human Factors
  • Ergonomics
  • Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine
  • Underwater and Hyperbaric Medicine
  • Psychophysiology
  • Planning for Higher Education