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Student Information


There are several sources of funding available to all KPU students via the KPU Foundation office. Also check for funding available through the Student Educational Enhancement Fund.

There are also research awards available to all KPU students via the Office of Research and Scholarship.

Within Psychology, there are two types of awards available to Psychology majors. Students do not have to apply for these awards. Instead, the Psychology department nominates students to receive the awards.

(1) KPU Endowed Psychology Scholarships

Five (5) annual awards (one per student):

  • $1,000.00 to the Psychology Honours Student with the highest GPA;
  • $1,000.00 to the student with the highest GPA, who has declared as a Psychology major, and who has a minimum of 91 credits;
  • $1,000.00 to the student with the highest GPA, who has declared as a Psychology major, and who has between 60-90 credits;
  • $1,000.00 to the student with a minimum GPA of 2.0, who has declared as a Psychology major, and who has the greatest service to the Department of Psychology;
  • $1,000.00 to the student who has declared as a Psychology major, with the greatest financial need, as determined by SAFA.

(2) CPA Honours Thesis Award. The Psychology department nominates up to three Honours students each June to receive a certificate of excellence from the Canadian Psychological Association.

Psychology Student Award Recipients

Dianne Crisp and Wiktor Tutlewski Psychology Scholarship     


  • Kylie Viala

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) Certificate of Academic Excellence 


  • Zachariah Hamzagic
  • Devinder Khera
  • Connor Mitchell


  • Angela Giesbrecht
  • Chaufa Nguyen
  • Katrina Walton


  • Michelle Hunsche 
  • Amanda Tabert


  • Dylan Davidson
  • Andrew Huebert
  • Andrew Jacquard


  • Eric Mah
  • Katheryn E. Morrison

KPU Endowed Psychology Scholarships 


  • Chiara Casellato
  • Karen Caspian
  • Brett Davidson
  • Amanda Dumoulin
  • Jacqueline Lingbaoan


  • Jaime Christiaanse
  • Amanda Dumoulin
  • Zachariah Hamzagic
  • Andrea Mah
  • Martin Montfort
  • Jeremy Shea


  • Corey Callies
  • Candace Craigen
  • Angela Giesbrecht
  • Shelby Hughes
  • Maryam Malick


  • Jaime Christiaanse
  • Daniel Derksen
  • Shelby Hughes
  • Michelle Hunsche
  • Rachel Letwin


  • Andrew Huebert
  • Amanda Paananen


Honours Option:

Students interested in further study and graduate school can augment their knowledge and skills by taking an honours option. This involves taking two six credit courses -  PSYC 5000 (Honours Thesis I) and PSYC 5010 (Honours Thesis II), which can be completed within the credits required for your psychology degree.

The deadline for the Honours Program for Fall 2019 is Friday, March 1, 2019.


General Info

Psychology Courses:

You can find the latest information on Psychology courses here:


Info for Practicum Psych 4000

General Information

Psychology Degree Information

The following degrees in psychology are offered in KPU:

Bachelor of Arts, Major in Psychology
Bachelor of Applied Arts, Major in Psychology
Bachelor of Science, Major in Applied Psychology

If you would like more information about these degrees, please visit:

Last Updated: August 30, 2017