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Graduate Certificate in
Sustainable Food Systems and Security

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Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Food Systems and Security

Food systems must change to respond to the challenges of sustainability, including food insecurity, climate change and environmental degradation. That change needs leaders and activists with a deep understanding of the very real and critical social, environmental and economic challenges associated with our dominant food systems.

Through the Institute for Sustainable Food Systems and the Sustainable Agriculture bachelor program, Kwantlen Polytechnic University is a Canadian leader in higher education programs and applied research in sustainable food systems and food security studies.

KPU's expertise has been used to develop a graduate program to train and prepare a new generation of leaders to create effective and innovative strategies to advance sustainable food systems.

We're delivering this program online to give you and others from around the world the chance to become change-makers and influence what is possible in your own community.

Why Study Sustainable Food Systems and Security?

Our food system impacts almost every aspect of society. From production, processing, and distribution to consumption and waste, our choices are affected by, and have an impact on, the whole system. Unfortunately, our current dominant food system contributes to environmental destruction, climate change, epidemic food-related diseases and a lack of food equity.

These issue of sustainability are top of mind for many around the globe. Building a sustainable food system needs leaders, planners, educators, government staff and many others with diverse backgrounds because food systems and security are about more than agriculture and farming.

That means practicing and aspiring professionals involved in economic development, community activism, education, healthcare, social work and the food sector are the key to building sustainable food systems and food security.

You can influence what is possible in food system research, education, and action by gaining relevant, meaningful expertise through this graduate program.

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Program Details

This 18-credit graduate certificate is composed of six online courses taken over one academic year. Drawing from multiple academic disciplines, the two-part curriculum features:

  • An extensive look at the dominant global-industrial food system and food security from environmental, social and economic viewpoints, illustrating the complex challenges they pose to humanity and the planet.
  • Consideration of how to devise and promote community and bioregional food systems for the future.

Program Overview Admission Requirements

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Career Outcomes

Program graduates are prepared for rewarding work in domestic and international agencies, non-governmental organizations, community development organizations, public health agencies, and university-based research institutes and centres.

Graduates can expect to work in the following professions:

  • Municipal/ Regional District Planner
  • Policy Analyst
  • Agriculture/ Food System Consultant
  • Educator (K-12)
  • Academic/ Researcher (post-secondary)
  • Entrepreneur
  • NGO staff
  • Government staff (e.g. Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Trade, Jobs and Economic Development)
  • Extension agent
  • Social/ Community Development professional
  • Food System professional

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