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Vision, Mission and Values


In 2018, the Centre for Co-operative Education, Career and Volunteer Services will be an innovator in career education by:

  • Providing work-integrated learning opportunities that blend theory with practice
  • Creating career development and networking opportunities in response to industry needs
  • Teaching relevant curriculum that prepares learners for work and citizenship
  • Expanding partnerships with industry and community, and serve as a university of choice for talent recruitment

Moving forward, our vision provides the inspiration for both our daily operations and strategic decisions that guides what we do, how we do it and where we want to go.


To enhance student learning, foster career success and partner with industry and community to create opportunities that extend beyond the classroom

The Centre for Co-operative Education, Career and Volunteer Services supports KPU’s mission of providing “… all learners opportunities to achieve success in a diverse range of programs that blend theory and practice, critical understanding, and social and ethical awareness necessary for good citizenship and rewarding careers.” 

Working with our key stakeholders (students, employers and colleagues), we pursue our mission within the framework of five core values.  These provide our operational basis and the means by which we motivate ourselves to achieve success.



  • We engage our stakeholders with clear communication, integrity, and respect, and hold ourselves accountable to delivering excellent service


  • We regularly collaborate with stakeholders to develop, support and foster relationships


  • We proactively pursue new and better ways to serve our stakeholders


  • We create a fun and rewarding environment that recognizes the achievements of our stakeholders


  • We support an environment that contributes to society and student success through quality activities that meet the needs and expectations of the communities we serve

career and volunteer service staff photo