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Featured Alumni | Kyle York

Brewmaster | Canoe Brewpub, Victoria, BC |

2016 graduate

What are you most excited about/looking forward to in the local craft beer scene?

KY: Experimenting with new styles that haven't been strongly pursued yet. There are so many flavour combinations out there that haven't been conceived of and I can't wait to taste and/or create them.

How has your Brewing Diploma and time at KPU helped your career?

KY: My Brewing Diploma and time at KPU opened doors for me that weren't previously open. The industry is rapidly adjusting to an influx of educated individuals pursuing brewing careers. Five years ago, having a diploma in brewing wasn't a necessity. Now, it's difficult to find a job where it isn't listed as an application requirement.

What are some career-related highlights since you graduated from the KPU Brewing Diploma? 

KY: For the past three years, I've been working with Victoria Beer Week promoting local beer culture and education in the Victoria Capital Regional District. It has been an extremely fulfilling role connecting beer drinkers with beer makers, and creating connections within the industry.

What beer are you drinking right now?

KY: I've been touring Metro Vancouver to scope the market and see what the popular styles of beer are at the regional liquor stores. Boombox, Superflux and Backcountry Brewing beers are the talk of the province, so I've been sampling many of their products to see what makes them so desirable.  

Some words of advice for Brewing students entering the brewing/craft beer industry:

KY: Ask questions. Stupid questions. Obvious questions. Question everything! By asking questions and learning from multiple brewers, you’ll compile the top best practices that will help make your own brewery safer and more efficient, and help craft unique products you’re able to produce.


Next time you're in Victoria, stop by Canoe Brewpub for a glass and/or a growler fill, and say hi to Kyle!


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