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Derek Kindret Dipl. (KPU Brewing), Dipl. (Chemical Production & Power Engineering)

Derek Kindret, brewing instructor, KPU Brewing Diploma, faculty, Kwantlen Polytechnic University, beer school, instructor

After spending six years as a Production Supervisor and Safety Coordinator, Derek entered the KPU Brewing and Brewery Operations Diploma program and graduated with honours in 2018. He is an award-winning brewer, winning gold in the 2017 US Open College Beer Championship and bringing home a second-place trophy from the 2018 BC Beer Awards, as a KPU Brewing instructor.

Derek is passionate about teaching students the hands-on skills needed to make excellent beer and seeing students gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the brewing process. Working in a large manufacturing facility as a supervisor and safety coordinator for many years, he has a wealth of workplace safety knowledge that he ingrains in every student, as well as a strong work ethic — which is required for anyone seeking a career in the brewing industry.  

Days in the brewery can be long, hot and hard work but Derek brings his sense of humour and communication skills to keep everyone moving and staying positive!

He has a love of all things wheat beer but can be found enjoying a Hazy IPA every now and then.