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University Calendar


We’re here to help you succeed and reach your career goals. The University Calendar is your official guide to our academic programs, including all admission and curricular requirements, courses, and rules. Students should consult the University Calendar and My Action Plan (MAP) in order to plan their courses and ensure they are on track to graduate.

What is the University Calendar?

The University Calendar is KPU's official guide to academic programs, courses, and regulations. It includes all the academic programs at KPU, the requirements for admission, the curricular requirements for graduation, the dates of the academic terms, and the fees. It is published by the University Registrar.

Why consult the University Calendar?

  • To learn about the various academic programs at KPU.
  • To see the admission requirements, curricular requirements and declaration requirements for each program.
  • To see all courses, including descriptions and prerequisites.
  • To plan your curriculum to fulfill graduation requirements.

Which version to consult?

KPU is a dynamic institution. The curriculum changes to reflect new knowledge and new career paths. Each new version of the University Calendar incorporates updates to courses, programs and regulations that have been duly approved by the University's Senate.

Students should consult the most recent University Calendar for up-to-date course listings and program details.

Students may need to consult an older version of the University Calendar if the curricular requirements for their program change during their tenure at KPU, because when a student applies to graduate with a particular credential they must fulfill the curricular requirements as stated in the University Calendar from either: (i) the term they were admitted to commence the program; (ii) the term of their approved declaration into the program; or (iii) the term of their graduation from the program. Students should check the curriculum effective date for their program. This designates the starting date of the current curricular requirements and is shown for each program in the University Calendar. See Policy AR16, Requirements for Graduation. All KPU Policies can be viewed online at

Need further academic information or assistance?

If you are currently a student at KPU and have questions regarding your academic plans or need assistance with the University Calendar, please contact Academic Advising. Appointments may be made Online. See

If you are not currently a student and are interested in learning more about KPU, contact the Future Students Office with your questions. See

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