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Career Choices and Life Success (CCLS)

This is a list of the Career Choices and Life Success (CCLS) courses available at Kwantlen.

CCLS 0100 CR-2.5

Self Knowledge: Basis for Success

Students will participate in the continuing process of developing self-knowledge. They will develop self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-confidence and personal power. Students will learn to make the connection between self-knowledge and career and life success.

CCLS 0101 CR-3

Communication Skills

Students will learn verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills. They will demonstrate verbal communication skills by participating in practice employment interviews. Students will apply written communication skills in creating a resume and a cover letter.

CCLS 0102 CR-2.5

Personal Management and Problem Solving

Students will learn to identify and apply strategies to manage career and life challenges. They will practice conflict resolution skills and develop critical and creative thinking skills. Students will examine decision-making and time and stress management strategies.

CCLS 0115 CR-3.5

Career and Education Experience

Students will have opportunities to research their education and career options by job shadowing and/or work placement or auditing courses to determine compatibility with career and life goals.

CCLS 0210 CR-2.5

Career Assessment and Research

Students will complete a variety of career assessments. They will consider career options based on assessments, previous experience and research. Students will conduct information interviews to gain labour market information.

CCLS 0212 CR-2

Career and Life Planning

Students will review their career and education findings to formulate a plan of action for career and life success.

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