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Tuition & Mandatory Student Fees

The KPU Board of Governors determines tuition and fees, which vary depending upon the type and duration of the program. The fee schedules below apply from September 1, 2016 to August 31, 2017, unless otherwise noted. KPU reserves the right to amend this schedule without notice. Rates are listed in Canadian dollars.

Tuition and fees are normally assessed as a rate per credit. Therefore, the cost of most courses can be calculated by multiplying the applicable rate by the credit value of the course as shown in the Course Descriptions section of the University Calendar. In some cases, a maximum amount or flat rate is charged for a given course, semester, or program.

In addition to KPU tuition and fees, students also pay fees that are levied by the Kwantlen Student Association (KSA)  Details of the KSA fees are given below, following the KPU fees.

Semester-Based Programs

Tuition Category Applicable Courses & Program(s) Tuition (per credit) Mandatory Student Fees* (per credit)
Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents
2.a.1 Most undergraduate and university preparatory courses. $ 136.30 $ 9.54
2.a.2 Education Assistant $ 164.70 $ 11.52
2.a.3 Bachelor of Design, Product Design $ 183.95 $ 12.87
2.a.4 Health Unit Coordinator; Bachelor of Science in Nursing Post-Baccalaureate $ 210.50 $ 14.73
2.a.5 Industry-specific technical programs such as Brewing and Brewery Operations

Courses in HEAL, effective 1 Sep 2017.

$ 260.10 $ 18.20 
2.a.6 Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Apparel Design $ 545.70 $ 38.19
2.a.7 Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Accounting $ 225.00 $ 15.75
2.a.8 Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture $ 300.00 $ 21.00
2.a.9 Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Operations & Supply Chain Management
Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Management & Services
$ 350.00 $ 24.50
2.c University Qualifying Studies $ 136.30 $ 9.54
2.d English Language Studies $ 136.30 $ 9.54
2.e Adult Special Education (e.g. Access Programs for People with Disabilities) No charge per credit. $29.11 per week program fee. No charge.
2.f Career Choices and Life Success $ 100.00 $ 7.00
International Students
7.a Any program admitting international students. $ 561.00 $ 35.00

Fixed-Term Programs and Continuous-Intake Offerings

Tuition Category Applicable Courses & Program(s) Tuition (per week) Mandatory Student Fees* (per week)
Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents
Most vocational courses; Adult Upgrading (4 days/time blocks per week). $ 118.75 $ 8.31
(Three-quarter Time)
Adult Upgrading  (3 days/time blocks per week) $ 89.06 $ 6.23 
Adult Upgrading  (2 days/time blocks per week) $ 59.38 $ 4.15 
(One-quarter Time)
Adult Upgrading  (1 day/time block per week) $ 29.69 $ 2.07 
2.b.2 Arborist Technician Apprenticeship $ 243.50 $ 17.04 
International Students
7.a Any program admitting international students. $ 561.00 $ 35.00

Co-operative Education Work Terms

Tuition Category Applicable Courses & Program(s) Tuition (per work term) Mandatory Student Fees* (per work term)
Canadian Citizens, Permanent Residents, and International Students
6 Full-time Co-op Work Terms $ 613.35 $ 42.93
6 Part-time Co-op Work Terms $ 306.67 $ 21.46

* Mandatory student fees for libraries, technologies and student life.


Senior Citizen Fee Exemption

Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents residing in BC who have reached the age of 65 before the first day of classes, may be eligible to apply for the Senior Citizen Fee Exemption. Approval of a Senior Citizen Fee Exemption is only active for one semester in semester based, primarily undergraduate courses. Tuition, student fees and Kwantlen Student Association fees will not be charged to those approved All other fees (e.g. books, learning materials, equipment fees, etc.) must be paid by those approved.

Senior citizens who wish to ensure registration in a specific course may register and pay in the same manner as a fee paying student, however they will not be eligible to retroactively apply for a tuition & fee exemption.

Note:  The Senior Citizen Fee Exemption is not valid for Continuing and Professional Studies, Fixed-Term Apprenticeship or Foundation offerings, Continuous-Intake offerings, or cost-recovery programs offered by KPU (including, but not limited to, the Brewing and Brewery Operations Program). 

KPU reserves the right to limit the maximum number of senior citizen tuition & fee exemptions. For further details, see the General Interest section of Admissions.


Temporary Insurance Plan for International Students

All new international students coming to KPU will automatically be enrolled in KPU's Temporary Medical Insurance Plan upon registration in classes for their first semester. Coverage begins on the first day of the month before the start date of a semester. Each student's name, student number, email, gender, and date of birth will be released to the insurer and plan administrators. Students will be enrolled in the plan for each semester until they can provide proof of coverage in the province's health care plan. This is coverage for basic medical costs and services and is it is in addition to the KSA Extended Health and Dental Plans.

Semester Coverage Start Date* Coverage End Date Opt-Out Deadline† Fee
Fall 2016 September 1, 2016 December 31, 2016 September 30, 2016 $ 220.00
Spring 2017 January 1, 2017 April 30, 2017 January 31, 2017 $ 220.00
Summer 2017 May 1, 2017 August 31, 2017 May 31, 2017 $ 220.00

New international students beginning studies at KPU during Session Two will be assessed the Temporary Insurance Plan at a flat rate of $115.00  Coverage period begins on the first day of Session Two and ends on the Semester Coverage End Date.

* Students are covered for the period shown, regardless of the first date of study.
† Opting out will be handled solely through the carrier. See Opting Out below.

For more information about the Temporary Insurance Plan, please contact the Office of International Students & Scholars (

Proof of Coverage

Proof of approved BC Medical Services Plan coverage can demonstrated using one of the following documents:

  1. BC Service Card; or
  2. Letter from Health Insurance BC; or
  3. BC Medical Services Plan Invoice from Revenue Services.

Opting Out

A student is able to opt-out of the insurance plan through KPU and receive a 100% refund for the current semester provided they submit proof they are covered by the British Columbia Medical Services Plan (BCMSP) coverage  prior to the start of the KPU Temporary Basic Medical Insurance coverage.  This must be done prior to the Opt-Out deadline for each semester. The BCMSP coverage must begin prior to the coverage start date of the KPU Temporary Medical Insurance Plan in order for the student to be able to receive a full refund. Students must opt out online at:

IMPORTANT: All international students must opt out online with proof of their BCMSP coverage or they will continue to be enrolled in the KPU Temporary Medical Insurance program in following semesters.


Kwantlen Student Association Fees

All students, except those age 65 and older approved for a senior citizen fee exemption, Summer Language Bursary recipients, those enrolled in Access Programs for People with Disabilities, those in a Co-operative Education work term, those concurrently enrolled in secondary school programs, or those in Continuing Professional Studies, pay these fees. For a detailed explanation of these fees, see the Kwantlen Student Association web site (

KSA Fee Category For Semester-Based Programs
(per credit, except where noted)
For Fixed-Term and Continuous-Intake Offerings
(per week, except where noted)
Lobby Fund $ 0.35 $ 0.31
SUB Capital Fee $ 2.90 $ 2.65
START Volunteer Program $ 0.37  $ 0.35
Reboot Computer Service $ 0.30  $ 0.27
Peer Support Program $ 0.15  $ 0.14
Student Advocacy Service $ 0.10  $ 0.09
Clubs and Events Fund $ 0.65  $ 0.60
Social Justice Fund $ 0.20  $ 0.18
Intramurals (ActiveKSA) Fund $ 0.30 $ 0.27
Student Publication Fee (The Runner) $ 0.75  $ 0.69
Kwantlen Public Interest Research Group $ 0.80  $ 0.72
Canadian Federation of Students $ 0.98  $ 0.88
Operating Fund $ 3.00 + flat fee of $9.00  $ 2.90
Bursary Fund $ 1.00 per semester $ 0.10
Student Association Extended Health Plan $ 80.00 per year $ 80.00 per year
Student Association Dental Plan $ 110 per year $ 110 per year
Multi-Pass $ 49.50 per month ($ 51.00 beginning May 2017) $ 49.50 per month ($ 51.00 beginning May 2017)

 to a maximum of $ 8.86 per semester
‡ to a maximum of $ 50.00 per semester

About Kwantlen Student Association Fees

Kwantlen Student Association Extended Health and Dental Plans

The Kwantlen Student Association has implemented, by means of student referendum, a mandatory health and dental plan providing extended medical coverage and a student dental plan. Enrolment in these plans is a requirement of registration at the University for all students with a course load of 1 credit or more. The name, student number, address, gender and date of birth of students eligible for enrolment in the plan will be released to the insurer and the plan administrators.

There is a provision for opting out of either or both plans if a student is able to provide proof of comparable existing coverage. Specific instructions for opting out are available online here:

All questions or concerns about plan coverage or opting out of the Student Health and Dental Plan should be directed to the Student Service Coordinator at or by phoning 604.599.2431.

Kwantlen Student Association Health and Dental Plan Provider
Cloverdale: 604.598.6053 Tel: 604.599.2431
Langley: 604.599.3389 Fax: 604.599.2432
Richmond: 604.599.2721 Website
Surrey: 604.599.2126    


Kwantlen Student Association Multi-Pass

The Kwantlen Student Association has implemented, by means of student referendum, a mandatory university bus pass (UPASS) plus additional services. Enrolment in these plans is a requirement of registration at the University for all students with a course load of 3 credits or more or who have tuition charges that exceed the Total Fare Value of a three-zone bus pass.

Multi-Pass charges are levied for each month in which the course(s) begin prior to the 15th of the month, and for each month in which the course(s) end on the 15th or later of the month.

Students who withdraw from all courses, will be refunded their Multi-Pass fees for the month(s) following their withdrawal.

There is a provision for exemption from the Multi-Pass if a student is able to provide documentation in support of one of the following scenarios:

  • Students who hold a valid U-Pass BC from another post-secondary institution within Metro Vancouver. 
  • Students who hold a valid, non-transferable Transit Pass that is valid for the duration of their study period.
  • Students who are permanently or temporarily disabled and whose physical or cognitive barriers cannot be accommodated using the U-Pass.
  • Students living outside of Metro Vancouver or over 1500 metres from the nearest TransLink access point.
  • Students required to carry very large instruments as part of their KPU program requirements.
  • Students required to insure and operate a vehicle insured for business use (e.g. ICBC rate class 007 or 027).

For more information about the U-Pass BC Transit Pass, including eligibility for exemption, please visit

For questions or concerns about the Multi-Pass program, please contact the Kwantlen Student Association at:

Cloverdale: 604.598.6053
Langley: 604.599.3289
Richmond: 604.599.2721
Surrey: 604.599.2126

Last Updated: 9-Dec-2016

This online version of the Kwantlen Polytechnic University Calendar is the official version of the University Calendar. Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy at the time of publication, KPU reserves the right to make any corrections in the contents and provisions of this calendar without notice. In addition, the University reserves the right to cancel, add, or revise contents or change fees at any time without notice. To report errors or omissions, or send comments or suggestions, please email