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Geography: Bachelor of Arts Minor


The Bachelor of Arts, Minor in Geography is a four-year Human Geography program with an emphasis on the urban setting of human activity. It establishes a comprehensive understanding of conceptual knowledge and applied skills supporting further study in Geography or related fields, engaged citizenship, and introductory employment in the public and private sectors. The degree is especially suitable for those with an interest in Geography who wish to pair study in this field with extensive coursework in other university disciplines.

The flexible curriculum combines introductory lab-science courses in: earth science and atmospheric science; introductory and advanced human geography options in economic, social, political, and urban geography; options for focused study of a variety of regions; and course options in the area of environmental geography. The curriculum also develops foundational and advanced skills in using computerized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) hardware and software to analyze and present spatial data.

Admission Requirements

Students pursuing a minor in Geography must be admitted to the Faculty of Arts.

Declaration Requirements

Students pursuing this minor must declare their intention prior to graduation.

Curricular Requirements

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete all requirements in the Bachelor of Arts framework in addition to their major or minor program requirements. Completing the BA Minor entails additional courses in other disciplines, quantitative courses and evidence of language proficiency. Of the 120 credits required, 45 credits must be in upper level courses.

Geography Minor

Year One

All of:
  GEOG 1101 Human Geography 3 credits
  GEOG 1110 Atmospheric Science 3 credits
  GEOG 1120 Earth Science 3 credits

Year Two

Both of:
  GEOG 2250 The City 3 credits
  GEOG 2400 Introduction to GIS 3 credits
And one of:
  GEOG 2310 Climatology 3 credits
  GEOG 2320 Geomorphology 3 credits
And one of:
  GEOG 1160 Geography of British Columbia 3 credits
  GEOG 2140 Regional Geography of Canada 3 credits
  GEOG 2170 Regional Geography of Europe 3 credits
  GEOG 2185 Regional Geography of East Asia 3 credits
  GEOG 2190 Regional Geography of South Asia 3 credits

Year Three

  GEOG 3260 Geographic Thought 3 credits
And two of: 
  GEOG 3120 Space Economies 3 credits
  GEOG 3130 Society and Urban Space 3 credits
  GEOG 3220
POST 3110*
Urban Politics and Planning

Applied Policy Seminar I
3 credits

3 credits
And one of: 
  GEOG 3310 Natural Hazards 3 credits
  GEOG 3320 Environment and Resources 3 credits

Year Four

  GEOG 4380 Applications in GIS 3 credits
  GEOG 4501 Current Geographic Issues 3 credits

Note:*Students may take only one of GEOG 3220 or POST 3110 to satisfy their BA Minor in Geography degree requirements.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of the minor as part of a Bachelor of Arts program, transcripts will indicate a Minor in Geography.

At a Glance

Faculty of Arts


Program Type:

  • Undergraduate

Credential Granted:

  • Baccalaureate Degree

Offered At:

  • KPU Langley  Langley
  • KPU Richmond  Richmond
  • KPU Surrey  Surrey

Start Date(s):

  • Fall Intake (September)  September
  • Spring Intake (January)  January
  • Summer Intake (May)  May

Intake Type:

  • Open Intake  Open intake


  • Full-time  Full-time
  • Part-time  Part-time

Minimum Credits Required:

  • 120

Instructional Cycle:

  • Semester-based

Curriculum Effective Date:

  • 01-Sep-2015

How to Declare:

Applying to KPU:

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2016

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