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Arts (ARTS)

This is a list of the Arts (ARTS) courses available at KPU.

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ARTS 11003 Credits

Experiencing the Arts

Students will be introduced to a broad range of liberal arts-related fields of study within the academic world. They will explore various disciplined-based and interdisciplinary approaches to a specific, current and compelling unifying theme, which will change periodically. Students will learn a number of key concepts and methods that shape and inform the perspectives developed in these fields, and how they articulate and inform one another. They will learn to view their world through multiple, and sometimes contrasting, perspectives and develop intellectual skills which are essential for learning in various disciplines and for continued learning in life beyond the University.

ARTS 30006 Credits

Interdisciplinary Amazon Field School

Learners will engage in an intensive interdisciplinary field school in the Amazon rain forest. They will take part in cultural and creative immersion activities, participate in community engagement projects, and contextualize their field learning by classroom-based analysis and critical reflection before and after their field experiences. They will develop interdisciplinary skills in creativity, academic inquiry, ecology and conservation, cultural awareness, environmental design, design thinking, and community development. Learners will become familiar with various expressive modalities of the Amazon region (e.g. design, writing, music, movement, expressive arts, materiality, storytelling, etc.) and will explore the application of those modalities in an integrative learning environment. Note: Students will spend two weeks at the Field School site in addition to class sessions on campus before and after travel. Students must be nineteen years or older at the start of the course.

Note: Students may earn credit for only one of DESN 3000 or ARTS 3000, as they are identical courses.

Prerequisites: 30 credits from courses at the 1100 level or higher, or permission of instructor.

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2016

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