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Psychiatric Nursing: Degree Completion for Registered Psychiatric Nurses


For general information about the Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing (BPN), please see the main program page. Graduates of the Stenberg Registered Diploma Psychiatric Nurses (RDPN) program, please see the Stenberg Degree Completion page.

The Degree Completion for Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPNs) option provides RPNs with access to Semester 5 for completion of a Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing Degree. Once admission requirements are met, RPNs complete the equivalent of four semesters of full time study.

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) may be available for RPNs who have experiences equivalent to course outcomes, or have completed continuing education in various liberal education courses relevant to their nursing practice. The cost of PLA is the responsibility of the student.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the program will be prepared to function as team members and leaders of mental health settings including forensic psychiatry, addiction facilities, acute care, intermediate and/or long term care hospitals, clinics, home care services, and various community healthcare centers.

Admission Requirements

Admission into Semester 5 for Registered Psychiatric Nurses is based on seat availability.

In addition to the Faculty's Admission Requirements, which consist of KPU's undergraduate English Proficiency Requirement, the following program admission requirements apply:

  • Completion of English 12 with a minimum grade of B (or equivalent)
  • One post-secondary-level English course (3 credits)
  • Successful completion of CAHS 3500
  • Proof of practicing membership in the CRPNBC (which must remain current throughout the program).
  • Submission of an official transcript indicating completion of a diploma in Psychiatric nursing program.
  • Completion of a HCP-CPR level C course, which is current at the time of entering the program. (This must remain current throughout the program.)
  • An interview and/or letter of reference, if requested.

Note: Immunization records are not required until placement in a clinical or practice course, and prior to registration. This will be enforced by the appropriate department prior to the time of registration.

Continuance Requirements

Students in the program must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.33 with no grade lower than C in all required courses, including electives.

Curricular Requirements

Degree completion for Registered Psychiatric Nurses requires the completion of the General Requirements plus the requirements of Semesters 5 through 8.

The maximum allowable time students enrolled in KPU's Degree Completion for Registered Psychiatric Nurses program have to complete all program requirements for graduation is 10 years

General Requirements

These requirements must be completed prior to graduation, but may be before, during, or after semesters 5 through 8.

  3 credits of undergraduate English 3 credits
  Two undergraduate electives (courses numbered 1100 or higher) 6 credits

Semester 5: Community Health

In the fifth semester, students will study and practice within the many forms of community and will apply community development models to work with communities to maintain, restore, or improve the health of people in communities. They will have practice in a variety of communities, including eldercare homes, retirement villages, community psychiatric and forensic units and prisons.

All of:
  PSYN 3100 Community Health: Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 7 credits
  PSYC 3920 Aging 3 credits
  WOMN 3100 Conceptual Traps & Health Care 3 credits
  PSYN 3120 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Health Care Economics, Leadership and Management 3 credits

Semester 6: Environment, Global Problems and Health

Students will apply nursing theory in identifying health challenges related to sources of environmental pollution. They will conduct assessments and epidemiological analysis of relationships among environment and health. Students will engage in policy analysis and short- and long-term planning with families, groups, and communities. Health-related agencies will be the settings for clinical practice.

All of:
  PSYN 3200 Global Problems and Health 7 credits
  PSYN 3220 Issues in Mental Health Nursing 2 credits
  PSYN 3230 Psychiatric/Mental Health: Nursing Research 3 credits
  PSYN 3240 Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis 3 credits

Semester 7: Capstone Consolidation

Students will practice in a variety of settings to integrate learning from previous nursing and non-nursing courses. They will work in small teams in the community providing psychotherapeutic care to individuals, families, and groups. Students establish working contracts with their clients and provide therapeutic care in their nurse-client partnership. This will include advanced skills in interventions related to counselling, psychotherapy, or case management.

All of:
  PSYN 4100 Capstone Course: Psychiatric / Mental Health Nursing 7 credits
  PHIL 3010 Health Care Ethics 3 credits
  SOCI 3345 Social Policy in Context 3 credits

Semester 8: Preceptorship

Students participate in a preceptorship of their choice, based on availability of preferred placements. They will increase knowledge and skills to develop independence and confidence as a practitioner in the field of psychiatric/mental health nursing.

  PSYN 4200 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing: Preceptorship 10 credits

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Psychiatric Nursing (BPN).

At a Glance

Faculty of Health

Program Type:

  • Undergraduate

Credential Granted:

  • Baccalaureate Degree

Offered At:

  • KPU Langley  Langley

Start Date(s):

  • Summer Intake (May)  May

Intake Type:

  • Limited Intake  Limited intake


  • Full-time  Full-time

Minimum Credits Required:

  • 63

Instructional Cycle:

  • Semester-based

Curriculum Effective Date:

  • 01-Sep-2011

Applying to KPU:

Last Updated: 7-Feb-2017

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