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Associate of Science Degree Framework


The Associate of Science degree consists of two years of university course work where students are able to complete their lower division program requirements for a Bachelor of Science degree if they plan effectively. Holders of an Associate Degree receive full transfer credit of all courses counting towards that degree, even if the receiving institution may not have an articulation in place with any specific course counted by the sending institution towards an Associate Degree. While universities traditionally allow transfer based on GPA cutoffs, some receiving institutions grant a GPA advantage to Associate of Science holders.

The general requirements for the Associate of Science are specified by provincial legislation. To qualify for an Associate of Science, students must complete 60 credits at the first and second year level (typically 20 courses, 3 credits per course). A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required, with a minimum passing grade (D or better) in each course counting towards the Associate of Science.

KPU currently offers two pathways for an Associate of Science Degree:

  1. Associate of Science in General Sciences
  2. Associate of Science in Mathematics

Admission Requirements

Students pursuing an Associate of Science Degree must be admitted to the Faculty of Science & Horticulture.

Curricular Requirements

Students are required to complete 60 credits at the 1st and 2nd year level. A minimum overall GPA of 2.0 is required, with a minimum passing grade (D or better) in each course counting towards the Associate of Science.

Specific Requirements:

  1. English Requirements:
    • ENGL 1100 and
    • One additional first year ENGL course
  2. Math Requirements*:
    • Six credits of university level mathematics, which shall include at least three credits in Calculus.
  3. First Year Science Requirements:
  4. Second Year Science Requirements
  5. Additional Course Requirements
    • Any two courses in Arts‡, not counting English (ENGL), plus
    • Any other two courses that are designated as university transferable

* Most Science degrees require both Calculus I and Calculus II.  Institutions have the discretion to set higher standards, including not recognizing MATH 1112.
† Institutions have the discretion to not recognize CHEM 1105, MATH 1112 or PHYS 1100.
‡ Any Arts subject area not noted in the science categories above, and includes all geography courses not specified in the science categories above, i.e. GEOG 1101, 1160, 2140, 2170, 2185 etc.

Students lacking the appropriate prerequisites will likely require more than two years to complete the Associate of Science. Since the Associate of Science represents completion of one half of a Bachelor of Science, as long as the right courses are taken at KPU, students should ideally be able to complete their Bachelor of Science in a further two years at the receiving University.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive an Associate of Science degree in their chosen subject area.

At a Glance

Faculty of Science and Horticulture

Program Type:

  • Undergraduate

Credential Granted:

  • Associate Degree

Offered At:

  • KPU Richmond  Richmond
  • KPU Surrey  Surrey

Start Date(s):

  • Fall Intake (September)  September
  • Spring Intake (January)  January
  • Summer Intake (May)  May

Intake Type:

  • Open Intake  Open intake


  • Full-time  Full-time
  • Part-time  Part-time

Minimum Credits Required:

  • 60

Instructional Cycle:

  • Semester-based

Curriculum Effective Date:

  • 01-Sep-2015

Applying to KPU:

Last Updated: 4-Aug-2016

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