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Operations and Supply Chain Management

The Operations and Supply Chain Management Specialist (OSCM) program is designed for students who have completed a Bachelor’s degree with industry experience, or have a technical or science diploma with significant relevant industry experience.

The OSCM program consists of five management courses (15 credits) that will allow students to develop critical thinking and analytical skills, communication skills, effective project management abilities, teamwork and interpersonal skills. Students will attain a solid understanding of how to interpret and synthesize core business, financial and performance data to make informed decisions.

Six courses (18 credits) of focused OSCM content prepare students to apply best in practice processes and tools to a wide range of operations and supply chain areas, identify and assess performance improvement opportunities in a variety of industries, and competently support informed decision making.

OSCM graduates will:

  • Complete successful transportation planning, inventory control, warehouse management, customer service standard design and implementation, product and process design and re-engineering, and development and execution of procurement strategies
  • Determine the requirements, selection and plan the implementation of technology and information systems in supporting operations and managing the supply chain
  • Utilize effective skills and proven models, tools and techniques for managing service operations
  • Design and implement quality control and productivity improvement systems in operations and supply chains
  • Assess supply chain management strategies in international settings
  • Apply an ethical understanding and perspective to business situations both locally and globally, and apply the newest theoretical and practical approaches with respect to social responsibility and sustainability in operations and supply chain management

Upon completion of the OSCM program, students will have also attained a strong applied management knowledge base, be able to demonstrate their ability in applying business, operations and supply chain management processes, tools and strategies as part of seeking their professional accreditation or designation in:

  • Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP) designation through the Supply Chain Management Association of Canada
  • Project Manager Professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute
  • ASQ certification through the American Society for Quality

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