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Indigenous Studies (INDG)

This is a list of the Indigenous Studies (INDG) courses available at KPU.

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INDG 11003 Credits

Introduction to Indigenous Studies

Students will learn about the histories, cultures, and contemporary situation of Indigenous peoples in North America, with special attention to Indigenous peoples in Canada. They will explore pre-contact histories and cultures, and critically examine and challenge assumptions acquired from colonial culture. Students will develop informed views on Indigenous cultures and histories. Students will be exposed to elements of Indigenous teachings and traditional knowledge from various Indigenous perspectives, including those of Elders and local communities.

INDG 31553 Credits

Indigenous Perspectives on Settler Colonial Societies

Students will explore Indigenous perspectives on settler colonial societies and the consequences of ongoing colonial occupation for Indigenous nations. Students will draw upon critical Indigenous studies scholarship, Indigenous traditional knowledge, narrative accounts and oral histories. Students will explore the misattribution and denial of Indigenous contributions to human social development and analyze strategies for decolonization, Indigenization, and self-determination.

NOTE: Students may earn credit for only one of SOCI 3155 and INDG 3155 as they are identical courses.

Prerequisites: 30 credits at the 1100 level or higher including SOCI 1125 or INDG 1100

INDG 42453 Credits

Indigenous Activism

Students will examine historical and contemporary Indigenous activism in the Americas. They will critically assess government and corporate intrusion on Indigenous rights and lands, and Indigenous people's collective resistance and attempts to protect inherent rights and lands. Students will study Indigenous mobilization, political organization, self-determination, resurgence, and regeneration of communities and cultures. They will examine collective strategies and tactics, specific examples of struggle, visions of social alternatives (anti-capitalist, anti-statist, anti-colonial, etc.), and community social relations.

NOTE: Students may earn credit for only one of CRIM 4245 and INDG 4245 as they are identical courses.

Prerequisites: 45 credits at the 1100 or higher, including 6 credits of ENGL at the 1100 level or higher

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