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Plant Health

Plant Health is an interdisciplinary subject that combines the sciences of plant pathology, entomology, and weed management as part of a holistic approach to protecting plants that we rely on for food, forestry and urban landscapes. Together, these disciplines enhance our understanding of pest organism biology, their interactions with plants, and how pests impact urban, agricultural and natural resources.

Plant Health protection involves practices that reduce the impacts of pests, disease and weeds on the local, regional, and international practice of horticulture.

Our facilities include a laboratory, fully equipped for conducting research or the advanced study of insects, plant diseases and biological control organisms. In addition, our field laboratory provides year round access to greenhouses, landscape features and natural areas on the KPU Langley campus.

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Student Profile

Individuals interested in the impacts of plant health, its management and plant protection regulations on the horticulture industry, or our broader community, are encouraged to apply. The program will appeal to students who are interested in applied science, where they will both analyze problems and implement solutions that enhance and protect our food, amenity and recreational needs. Students interested in the effects of varied societal perspectives on public policy and the implementation of sustainable practices to food and crop production will find this program of value.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates develop skills necessary for employment in the following areas:

  • Technical positions in the Environmental Sector
  • Urban Horticulturists
  • Growers in Production Horticulture Operations
  • Plant Protection Inspectors
  • Pest Management Specialists or Managers in public or private organizations
  • Crop Consultants
  • Technical Representatives for Horticulture or Agriculture Supply Companies
  • Parks Managers
  • Graduate studies in Horticulture or related fields (subject to specific graduate school admission requirements)

Last Updated: 14-Jun-2017

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