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Horticulture Technology: Diploma


The program curriculum and the success of KPU's diploma graduates have established the Horticulture Technology Diploma with or without specialization as a highly valued credential in the workplace. The Diploma program combines theory and technique with best horticulture practice. Students learn how to use the tools and technologies that are an everyday part of industry workplace. The program also provides students with a foundation in horticulture science. Students develop an understanding of the environmental requirements for optimum plant growth. Best practice and sustainability are key learning outcomes.

All students must undertake a minimum 455 hours of 'Work Experience', typically completed between first and second year. This provides opportunity for students to apply their new skills and identify where their careers may lie after graduating.

Specialization Options:

The Diploma in Horticulture Technology can be completed without specialization or by choosing one of three specializations:

Credit Application to a Degree Program

KPU Bachelor of Horticulture Science

Graduates of a KPU Horticulture Technology Diploma with or without specialization can pursue one of KPU's Bachelor of Horticulture Science degree programs, with a choice between the Urban Ecosystems major or the Plant Health major. (Please refer to the Urban Ecosystems or Plant Health section of the calendar for details.)

Students can combine their diploma education with the enhanced horticulture science knowledge at the degree level and earn two credentials (Diploma and Degree). Those who wish to pursue this option should meet with the Faculty of Science and Horticulture Degree Advisor to discuss applying credit to one of these unique School of Horticulture degree programs.

KPU Bachelor of Business Administration

A successful career progression in horticulture often leads to a management role. The Horticulture Technology diploma programs include a foundation in business skills and graduates may be eligible to apply over 30 program credits towards KPU's Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Students can combine diploma-level education with enhanced business skills and earn two credentials (Diploma and Degree). Students who wish to pursue this option should meet with the Faculty of Science and Horticulture Degree Advisor to discuss course planning that would facilitate application to the School of Business degree program.


Student Profile

Students who love plants and wish to contribute to environmental and community well-being, engage in creative activities, own and operate their own business, or engage in hands-on work will enjoy horticulture.

Many students enter the Horticulture Technology Diploma to upgrade their skills or facilitate a career change. Faculty and staff are supportive and sensitive to the issues faced by students who embark on a post-secondary program after a significant period away from formal education.

Individuals with allergies to dust, pollen or plant products, or specific chemicals should be aware of the potential impact of practicing horticulture on their health. Moderate physical fitness and a healthy back are generally required for a successful career in horticulture.

NOTE: In addition to the Faculty Admission Requirements, students will be required to have completed a minimum of Mathematics 11 Foundations (with a minimum grade of C) or equivalent in order to complete the program without undertaking preparatory courses. Students are encouraged to speak with an Academic Advisor to plan course selection accordingly.

Admission Requirements

Students pursuing a Diploma in Horticulture Technology must be admitted to the Faculty of Science & Horticulture.

Declaration Requirements

Students intending to graduate with Horticulture Technology diploma must declare the credential. At the time of declaration, the student must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • In good academic standing with the University.
  • Completion of a minimum of 15 credits of undergraduate coursework.

Curricular Requirements

Students pursuing a Diploma in Horticulture Technology must complete at least 63 credits. Students should be familiar with the basic computer applications of word processing and spreadsheets. If students require upgrading, they should take CBSY 1105.

Students must select Year 1 courses carefully to ensure that Year 2 course prerequisites are met. An Academic Advisor can assist with this course selection. For a list of HORT courses and the semesters they're offered see

Year 1

All of:
  HORT 1102 Botany for Horticulture 3 credits
  HORT 1104 Soils and Growing Media 3 credits
  HORT 1105 BC Pesticide Applicator Certification 1 credit
  HORT 1110 Introduction to Sustainable Horticulture 3 credits
  HORT 1118 Basic Machinery Operation and Maintenance 3 credits
  HORT 1155 Introduction To Plant Materials 3 credits
  HORT 1217 Foundations of Plant Health 3 credits
Plus one of:
  CMNS 1140 Introduction to Professional Communication 3 credits
  ENGL 1100 Introduction to University Writing 3 credits
  HORT 9 credits from courses in HORT at the 1100 level 9 credits

Year 2

All of:
  HORT 2302 Horticulture Work Experience 1 credit
  HORT 2306 Work Experience Report 1 credit
Plus one of:
  HORT 2308 Landscape Pest Management 3 credits
  HORT 2333 Turfgrass Pest Management 3 credits
  HORT 2378 Production Horticulture Pests 3 credits
Plus one of:
  BUSI 1205 Supervisory Skills 3 credits
  BUSI 1215 * Organizational Behaviour 3 credits
  BUSI 1250 Human Resource Management 3 credits
Plus one of:
  ACCT 1110 * Introductory Financial Accounting I 3 credits
  BUSI 1209 Business Management in Horticulture 3 credits
  BUSI 1210 Essentials of Management 3 credits
  HORT 21 credits from courses in HORT, including at least 15 credits from courses at the 2000 level or higher 21 credits

Notes: † Applicable to the Bachelor of Horticulture Science in Plant Health or Urban Ecosystems and the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership. * Applicable to the the Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership.

Credential Awarded

Upon successful completion of this program, students are eligible to receive a Diploma in Horticulture Technology.

At a Glance

Faculty of Science and Horticulture


Program Type:

  • Undergraduate

Credential Granted:

  • Diploma

Offered At:

  • KPU Langley  Langley

Start Date(s):

  • Fall Intake (September)  September
  • Spring Intake (January)  January
  • Summer Intake (May)  May

Intake Type:

  • Open Intake  Open intake


  • Full-time  Full-time
  • Part-time  Part-time

Minimum Credits Required:

  • 63

Instructional Cycle:

  • Semester-based

Curriculum Effective Date:

  • 01-Sep-2016

How to Declare:

Applying to KPU:

Last Updated: 13-Dec-2018

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