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KPU COMPLETE is a new student support initiative designed to help experienced and mid-career learners make a smooth transition to post-secondary education.

We know that your needs are different from students fresh out of high school, so KPU COMPLETE is here to:

  • Connect you with various services and supports available at KPU to ensure your needs are met
  • Offer information on different options available to lifelong learners at KPU
  • Maximize the use of knowledge you've acquired over your lifetime, while minimizing the repetition of learning
  • Provide a supportive environment for you no matter what stage you are in your life

Who are Experienced Learners?

Our experienced learners are known by many names. And whether you identify as an adult learner, a mature student or a lifelong learner, KPU COMPLETE experienced learners make up a wide range of age groups—anywhere from 25 years of age and over.

You each have a different reason for returning to school. Maybe you're changing career paths, or perhaps you need to upgrade your existing area of expertise, or maybe you've decided it's time for you to enroll in higher education for the first time. Whatever the reason, we are here at KPU to support you on your exciting journey.

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What our students are saying

  • "I appreciate that there is this extra support for mature students. I'm working on applying for the PLAR process as several of my past credits have expired. Although Covid has been awful, it has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to continue my studies without worrying about work or childcare interfering."

  • "I am appreciative that the unique needs of mature students are being considered. It is good to know that EDUC 1100 offers such a good knowledge for students new to post-secondary education. I wish I knew about this course much earlier."

  • "Thank you for recognizing the different learning experiences mature students may face when returning to their education later in life."

Why Become a Lifelong Learner at KPU?

As an experienced learner, you bring a wealth of prior knowledge, professional experience and a unique perspective into the classroom that can place academic concepts into a broader context. And thanks to your life experience, you're more experienced in networking skills that will help you build meaningful relationships with classmates and instructors.

As an adult learner, we know you're not at KPU to find out what it is you want to do. You're focused. You know what it is you want and you're determined to get it. You're motivated, disciplined and have a deep commitment to your education. We're not suggesting it's going to be easy, but you have valuable work habits, a mastery of time management and know how to prioritize your tasks, which will help you stay on top of your coursework and be successful at KPU.

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There's a Place For You at KPU

Still unsure about the decision you've made to go back to school? No problem. As part of this initiative, KPU COMPLETE offers EDUC 1140: Introduction to Higher Education specifically for experienced learners.

This course was developed to introduce or re-introduce experienced learners to post-secondary education, enhancing your understanding of the purposes of higher education and your skills in university study.

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What is the Cost Involved in the PLAR Process?

Fees for the PLAR process are outlined in Bylaw 4, which states “students receiving PLAR credit(s) as a result of a competency-based assessment will be charged an assessment fee of $750 or the cost associated with the resulting credit at the domestic rate of tuition based on the fee category for the assigned course(s), or whichever is the lesser of the two.”

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

KPU COMPLETE helps experienced learners gain recognition for knowledge and skills they may already possess through two self-paced micro-courses, “PLAR: An introduction to Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition” and “ePortfolio: Presenting Prior Learning Assessment.”

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process used to grant you credits towards your KPU program of study by evaluating and recognizing your prior learning. This involves identifying, documenting, assessing, verifying and recognizing the relevant knowledge and skills you've acquired through previous informal and non-formal learning, work, and life experiences, as well as identifying any formal learning that is ineligible for transfer credit when determining equivalency for KPU credit. The relevant learning is assessed and evaluated relative to the learning outcomes of a particular course or program.

Through PLAR you can:

  • Validate learning gained through work, volunteering, or/and life experiences
  • Reduce time and expenses associated with a post-secondary degree
  • Recognize areas of competence and areas requiring further learning
  • Gain academic confidence through the validation of your prior learning

To ensure the flexibility of PLAR for working experienced learners, you can take the micro-courses at your own pace. These courses will guide you through PLAR and help you complete your portfolio. The goal of PLAR is to maximize the amount of your prior learning that may be recognized in order to advance your education and career.

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