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Gaby Hebert, Denia Cardenas, and Hanae Yaskawa portraits

Apparel With Purpose: Innovative Tech Apparel Capstone Projects (Part 1/3)

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technical apparel design
Congratulations to our Technical Apparel grads, who have spent the last 4 months researching, testing, and developing their innovative capstone projects. These projects push the boundaries of human potential and solve real world problems to allow humans to move faster, survive longer, and explore further. Today's projects showcase the work of grads Gaby Hebert, Denia Cárdenas, and Hanae Yaskawa.

Caída by Gaby Hebert

Gaby Hebert Headshot

Caida by Gaby Hebert

Caida by Gaby Hebert

Caída is a streamline inflatable vest with chalk bag designed to enhance buoyancy and performance while deep water soloing.

Gaby Hebert

Gaby’s passion for technical apparel is fueled by her love of the mountains, where she spends her free time rock climbing, ski touring and mountaineering. Having professional experience in graphic design and a Bachelor’s Degree of Commerce (Honours) in finance with a concentration in sustainability from the University of British Columbia, Gaby currently works in design and development at Mustang Survival on the recreation team. Informed by her diverse background, Gaby aims to design apparel that increases users’ comfort, safety, and performance when participating in outdoor activities.

Connect with Gaby on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Namastay by Denia Cárdenas

Denia Cardenas Headshot

Namastay by Denia Cardenas

Namastay by Denia Cardenas

Namastay is supportive apparel for yoga meditation poses.

Denia Cárdenas

Denia is originally from Mexico City, where she worked in graphic design focusing on editorial, website, and packaging. Her passion for design and yoga attracted her to Vancouver to pursue a career in technical apparel design. Denia is a hardworking and determined Designer. She is driven by challenges that inspire her to create solutions using innovative products and services.

Connect with Denia on LinkedIn or Instagram.

Resilience Climbing Pants by Hanae Yaskawa

Hanae Yaskawa Headshot

Resilience Climbing Pants by Hanae Yaskawa

Resilience Climbing Pants by Hanae Yaskawa

Resilience Climbing Pants are outdoor paraclimbing pants for climbers living with spinal cord injuries.

Hanae Yaskawa

An avid runner and basketball official from California, Hanae is drawn to the value that form follows function in technical apparel design. Having studied Physics and Italian in Boston, she enjoys mixing the laws of science with intricate human emotion for interdisciplinary problem-solving. Hanae plans to continue building both her technical and creative skills that will allow her to design user-focused performance wear.

Connect with Hanae on LinkedIn or Instagram

Model: Paulo Manuel Guerrero

Special Thanks

Thank you to our industry partners for their guidance and expertise, supporting our students with the production of their high quality prototypes. The Wilson School of Design’s Technical Apparel conceptual prototypes would not have been possible without the help of: Mustang Survival for supporting Gaby Herbert, Laura Hutchison (KPU Alumna) for supporting Denia Cárdenas, and Arc'teryx for supporting Hanae Yaskawa.

Check back here in the coming weeks to learn about what the rest of these creative and forward-thinking grads have been working on.

Learn more about our Technical Apparel Design program here