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Apparel With Purpose: Innovative Tech Apparel Capstone Projects (Part 3/3)

Congratulations again to our talented Technical Apparel Design grads for their innovative projects and for the creativity, research, and hard work that each student demonstrated. These unique and high quality prototypes clearly show focus on user experience and passion for problem solving. Today’s featured grads are Amandeep, Sanskriti Singh, and Joel Maerz.

Let’s Grow by Amandeep 

Amandeep Portrait

Let's Grow by Amandeep

Let's Grow by Amandeep

Let’s Grow is a unisex jumper for children that is size adjustable, user-friendly, and sustainable.


Amandeep is a Fashion Designer and Stylist. She graduated from Lovely Professional University in India where she studied Fashion Design. Upon graduating she interned in the fashion industry in India and worked in Indian Couture Week. She is attracted to colours and loves to fuse different concepts. Sketching, sewing, and styling are her strengths.

Connect with Amandeep on LinkedIn.


Another Hot Flash? by Sanskriti Singh

Sanskriti Singh Portrait

Another Hot Flash? by Sanskriti Singh

Another Hot Flash? by Sanskriti Singh

Another Hot Flash? is a technical undershirt for women experiencing hot flashes in professional office environments.

Sanskriti Singh

Sanskriti has a background in Textile Design with a Bachelor of Design from Pearl Academy which is affiliated by Nottingham Trent University in the United Kingdom. She plans to utilize her knowledge of textiles to further understand the functionality of products. Technical apparel design will leverage her current understanding of design and enable her to better serve her future client’s needs. Sanskriti is passionate about the functionality of garments and exploring innovative fabrics.

Connect with Sanskriti on LinkedIn.


Chinuuk by Joel Maerz

Joel Maerz Portrait

Chinuuk by Joel Maerz

Chinuuk by Joel Maerz

Chinuuk is an alpine focused pack built from a repurposed waterproof shell.

Joel Maerz

Joel is an outdoor enthusiast and engineer with a passion for hiking, skiing and road-trips. Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Schulich School of Engineering at the University of Calgary, he began exploring options to combine his hard skills in engineering and design with his interests in the outdoors. Shortly after starting the Technical Apparel Design program, Joel found an opportunity to put his skills to the test where he is a member of the development team at Stoko Design Inc. At Stoko, he pushes the bounds of traditional joint support by designing products that fit, feel, and function like the human body.

Connect with Joel on LinkedIn.

Special Thanks

Thank you to our industry partners for their guidance and expertise, supporting our students with the production of their high quality prototypes. The Wilson School of Design’s Technical Apparel conceptual prototypes would not have been possible without the help of: Arc’teryx for supporting Joel Maerz and Megan Bain for supporting Amandeep and Sanskriti Singh.

Finally, a round of applause to our dedicated Technical Apparel faculty, Dan Robinson and Evelyn May, for guiding the students and their projects; and to our readers for following along on what’s new with our Technical Apparel program. Thank you!

This post concludes our 3-part series. In case you missed it, check out the rest of these innovative projects — Part 1 | Part 2

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