Anthropology Programs

The general objective of a B.A. Major in Anthropology is to prepare students for life, the workforce, and advanced study in this or other fields. Anthropology students find employment in such areas as: governmental and non-governmental organizations; archaeology; law enforcement and forensic work; social work; counselling; public administration; education; urban planning; public relations; broadcasting and journalism. In a globalizing and increasingly multi-cultural world, an employee capable of working alongside persons from diverse cultural backgrounds is vital. Anthropology provides students with both the practical experience and the necessary tools to apply cross-cultural and cross-historical understanding to problem-solving strategies within the workplace.

Other options for pursuing courses in anthropology are:

Students can complete their Anthropology Major/Minor with a focus on Social/Cultural Anthropology or Archaeology and Biological Anthropology.

Social and Cultural Anthropology

The study of the way of life of contemporary and historically recent human populations.

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The study of past cultures, primarily through their material remains.

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Biological and Forensic Anthropology

The biological study of human physical variation, including the study of human ancestors and closely related primates.

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