Since strong writing is a vital foundation skill, studying Creative Writing at KPU allows students to apply their skill set to any area that they choose – whether in the humanities, arts, trades, social sciences, or sciences. The BA in Creative Writing is also an ideal forum if students wish to stay current with innovative literary new mediums and technologies. With the tangible benefits provided by the program, graduates find themselves well prepared for a variety of career choices as well as those traditionally associated with creative writing such as:

  • Literary Creation
  • Publishing
  • Editing
  • Communications
  • New Media
  • Film, TV and Gaming
  • Marketing
  • Publicity
  • Education

KPU Creative Writing provides learners with an excellent foundation in written communication skills as well as the development of divergent and creative thinking abilities. Graduates with these skills are highly sought after in a range of contemporary workplaces including industries engaged in literary production, technology, education, travel, creativity, design, adventure, marketing, story-telling, gaming, communication, media, entertainment and beyond.