Educational Studies


The Department of Educational Studies (EDST) has a unique mandate arising from the development of the department. It serves three purposes:

  • To provide introductory and intermediate counselling courses for students enrolled in the B.A. Minor in Counselling and/or pursuing undergraduate counselling prerequisites in order to apply for Graduate Programs in Counselling or other professions.
  • Offering electives in education, which serve as prerequisites for postgraduate study, for students who are interested in pursuing teacher education programs.
  • The provision of first and final year university transition courses.


The B.A. Minor in Counselling is designed to equip students with a strong introductory, undergraduate level of theoretical and practical understanding of counselling to ensure that graduates of the program have the necessary skill sets in prevention, assessment, and intervention to encourage and support others to change their lives. The program was intentionally designed so students who complete the Minor degree will have most, if not all of, the necessary prerequisites for application to graduate programs in British Columbia (e.g., SFU, UBC, UVIC, TWU, Adler, CityU).


Our Educational Studies program is designed for students who are considering entering the teaching profession (elementary, high school, or post-secondary) and/or professions which involve a considerable amount of teaching as part of their duties (e.g., nursing, counselling, health care, business, etc.).  Many education courses could be of interest to students of all disciplines who are interested in unpacking and discussing what’s going on in our society and in the world and to develop dispositions needed to work in a diverse global world.

Some courses (e.g., EDUC 2220; 3230; 3250) provide students with opportunities to explore and enrichen their knowledge and experiences regarding the complex interplay between teaching, learning and the impact on children as they grow and develop during the school years.

Other courses (EDUC 3240; 4210) provide students with opportunities to unpack social controversies regarding race, ethnicity gender etc. and to think about how they impact education.


Learn how to be successful at and beyond university through our university transition courses:

Introduction to Higher Education (EDUC 1100, 1101, 1102, 1150, and 1190):

Post-University Transition (EDUC 4100):

Transitions Webpage:

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