Message from the Department Chair

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Welcome from the Chair:

I like to think that historians and a history major is for people who understand that shaping the future requires knowing the past. We analyze change over time, use archival and diverse other primary sources to build interpretations that explain changes over time and put them into contexts. We seek to understand historical subjects on their own terms. This can be fun – whether sticking hot irons on an ox scapula or participating a tea ceremony, studying textiles or digging into archives, history can be participatory too. By appreciating the diverse perspectives of past people and ideas, we can develop empathy even as we engage with the critical and ethical dimensions of past actions, decisions, and experiences.

The KPU History Department has an energetic group of excellent faculty and scholars who specialize in premodern and modern history across the globe, especially East and South Asia, Europe, and Canada and North America. Our program and faculty further pursue history though different historical methodologies and approaches, politics and government, sexuality and gender, economies, cultural and intellectual life, and transnational and natural environments just to name a few.  

We encourage students with a passion for learning and an interest in the past to check out our many courses offered every semester, our History Streams (global, Asian, and North American), as well as the history pod.  

All students are welcome to use the department space on Surrey Campus (Surrey Main 2850) for study and research purposes. There are two dedicated computers for your use there too. This space is shared with our History faculty and our departmental assistant Assal Khamsi.

Our department website has a number of useful resources, especially our Guide for Students of History. The guide outlines a number of answers around department policies, style guidelines, guided studies, and course planning.  

You might also consider joining your fellow History students in the KPU History Students’ Society (KHSS). 

Welcome to History!

Jack Hayes (HIST Chair)