The following testimonials were solicited in June 2012 as part of History's 5-yearly Program Review. They represent the views of a broad range of History students.

A BA from KPU's History program does more than just give you an understanding of significant events in the past and how they've shaped our current world. You develop an entire skill set to help you in your future career, whatever it is. Critical thinking, the ability to write well, public speaking, the ability to work towards a goal and meet deadlines, and a well rounded understanding of the modern world and the institutions that govern it will all make you more valuable to potential employers. ~ Ian Hardacre

The history department at KPU has a distinct sense of community. While studying, I felt like I was part of a large group of amazing individuals working towards different yet mutually complementary goals. The professors were always available to give extra help, and this was a large part of my success in the program. My experiences studying history at KPU more than prepared me for my post-undergraduate plans. ~ Jordan McCuaig

The BA History program at KPU offers not only an understanding of the world and what events have shaped the world we see today, but allows the opportunity to explore in a collaborative manner. I found the process of working with peers, having an open dialogue in the classroom, and a student centred environment to be very beneficial in my learning endeavours. Collaboration among peers and professors created a more meaningful interaction and learning experience. This notion of collaboration to explore ideas I have gained through KPU's History program is something I aim to emulate in my Secondary Social Studies and Special Education classes. ~ Nikki Puni

There are nothing but positive things to be said about the History program at KPU. During my time there, I became more receptive towards the many different viewpoints and perspectives available, which, in turn, helped me to develop a better understanding of both the world and myself. Of course, it was only possible with the help of the very accepting professors, who fostered and nurtured an open-minded atmosphere where all opinions are valued, and my many peers, whose honest and thought-provoking opinions only contributed to this atmosphere. ~ Kevin Ho

Before I went to KPU, I used to wonder how an Australian guy led the Scottish people to freedom. Now that I have a minor in history, I have the analytical skills to confirm that ‘Braveheart' was a movie AND William Wallace wasn't Australian. Aside from my broader understanding of Hollywood and the historical inaccuracies they put on the big screen, KPU gave me the inspiration to become a teacher myself through their amazing professors .... In a KPU history classroom, it is subject centred learning as opposed to teacher-centred, so you can really contribute to the discussion in an open and friendly atmosphere. The teachers at KPU are passionate about teaching and really care about their students --present and past.

Now, living and teaching English in multi-cultural Frankfurt, Germany—I have also found what I learned was not just fun facts and interesting stories, but my history minor had also given me a broader understanding of cultural differences in my classroom where I have students from Italy, Spain, Iran, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Haiti, Hungary, Portugal and Thailand. Not to mention, that my knowledge of English speaking countries' histories has allowed me to impart on my students a greater understanding of English speaking cultures and how they are not all the same: like why Brits apologize to tables when they bump into them and the Irish sing songs about prison ships to Australia when they get kicked out in the first round of the EM. ~ Emily Kirkland

The History program KPU greatly increased my knowledge and love for the subject. The quality of instruction and passion for history from the professors had me hooked from my first class. These are people who keep in active engagement with history and it shows in the lessons they create. Rather than simply spouting off knowledge from a textbook, they create learning environments where the diversity of the class is used to create understanding that is communal, not simply top-down. It was this learning environment that helped me become a teacher and for that I am forever grateful. If you are even remotely considering taking a course in History at KPU, please do it. You will be rewarded for your decision. ~ Raju Brar

People choose higher education to better prepare for their futures. The academic study of history – the past events of the world which have contributed to shaping our present – is one of the many social science disciplines which make people greater thinkers, accomplished writers, and competent analysts. It is not only these academic skills however which are enhanced by studying history; it is the capability for self-reflection and a greater understanding of the human experience that comes alongside those skills which are of even greater value. All of these capabilities make the student of history a more functional, articulate and intelligent human being who is better prepared to face the challenges of their future lives.

As quoted by Robert Penn Warren from The American Imagination “history cannot give us a program for the future, but it can give us a fuller understanding of ourselves, and of our common humanity, so that we can better face the future (100).” If you are a person who wishes to nurture your intellectual growth, increase your understanding and compassion for all the world's people, places and civilizations, and – most importantly – is someone who loves to be the high scorer in trivia games – choose History at KPU. It will be one of the most amazing educational experiences you could hope to have. ~ Andrea A. O'Connell, B.A. Major in English, Minor in History (2010).

Most of what I would say has already been eloquently covered, so I'll skip to praise: I found that the history department at KPU, both the faculty and fellow students, provided a friendly and encouraging environment for learning; as someone who suffers from anxiety, I never felt daunted by my presentations or deterred from participating in a discussion. ~ Erik Granholm