The Journalism program prepares graduates for such positions as multimedia reporters, photojournalists, editors, researchers, and freelance writers in traditional and emerging journalism-related businesses. Our graduates also work as communications professionals in a variety of settings, including media relations, corporate communications, and public relations with private industry, government, and NGOs. Other graduates have started their own online magazines or other media businesses.

Our program provides students with transferable skills that are valuable in many professions, such as working in a multimedia environment, conducting relevant research, and communicating clearly in a wide range of formats – including writing, audio, video, photography, and interactive graphics. KPU's Journalism program celebrates a high rate of employment for its graduates.

As well as teaching the fundamentals of the craft, we pride ourselves in keeping our courses current with the rapidly evolving world of journalism and in teaching the skills that are needed now and for the future.

Career opportunities

(Based on recent Bachelor of Journalism graduates)

Community & Daily Newspapers

  • News reporters
  • Multimedia reporters
  • Visual journalists
  • Data journalists
  • Sports reporters and editors
  • Editors
  • Columnists

Online publications

  • Writers
  • Photographers
  • Columnists
  • Assignment & copy editors

Broadcast (Radio & TV)

  • Researchers & writers
  • Associate Producers & producers

Public Relations

  • Writers
  • Communication managers
  • Digital & social media coordinators
  • Media managers
  • Media specialists
  • Community relations directors

Freelancers & Contract (print, broadcast and online publications)

  • Photojournalists & videographers
  • Writers & designers
  • Radio producers
  • Special events photographers
  • Music reviewers
  • Technical writers

Further education (Master’s degree & PhD studies)

  • Sports Journalism
  • Library Science
  • Communications
  • Social Work
  • Fine Arts (Writing)