The Team

Dr Paul Adams


Paul Adams is the Director of the KPU Bio-Innovation Lab and a faculty member in the Biology Department at KPU. He received his PhD from the University of British Columbia in 2010, completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Johns Hopkins University, and has worked in the field of genetics for over 15 years. Paul has expertise in genomics, genotyping, metagenomics, quantitative PCR (qPCR), Sanger sequencing, next generation sequencing, DNA profiling, molecular biology, cell biology, and human neurological disease.


Dr Mathias Schuetz

Director of Hops Research and Development

Mathias Scheutz is the director of Hops R&D in the KPU BIL. Mathias holds a PhD from Simon Fraser University and completed post-doctoral fellowships in the Department of Botany and in Michael Smith Laboratories at the University of British Columbia.  He has more than 15 years of experience in metabolomics, germplasm development, plant pathogen management, cultivar development, cultivation of hops and cannabis, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS).


Lyndsey Baillie, MSc

Bio-Innovation Laboratory and Research Coordinator

Lyndsey Baillie joined KPU as the lab manager of the Bio-Innovation Lab in November of 2018.  She received her MSc from Dalhousie University in 2012, focusing on the study of population genetics in fish, and subsequently spent 5 years working as a DNA sequencing technologist at the University of British Columbia.  Lyndsey works on both Sanger and Next-Generation sequencing projects within the Bio-Innovation Lab and organized student and industry projects.


Garrett McCarthy, MSc

Research Associate

Garrett McCarthy has been a research associate at the KPU Bio-Innovation Lab since August 2019.  Garrett has a BSc in Biochemistry and a MSC in Biology from the University of British Columbia.  He has a passion for zymology and studying beer and wine research, and as such focused on wine yeast populations in the Okanagan during his MSc.  He works on hops-related research as well as many other projects within the Bio-Innovation Lab.