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Technical Apparel Design

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Fall 2023

Applications open on October 1, 2022.

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Technical Apparel Design Advising

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Technical Apparel Design

Want to join an industry that pushes the limits of human potential? The booming Technical Apparel industry blends creativity with cutting-edge technology to allow humans to move faster, survive longer and explore further.

The field of technical apparel design needs creative innovators who are willing to take risks, technologists who can strategize, and critical thinkers who can elevate the industry.

Through our Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Apparel Design, you’ll gain the research, design, business and leadership skills you need to join the next generation of innovative designers.

Why Study Technical Apparel Design @ KPU?

From developing new and improved products, such as protective pants for rock climbing to an urban cycling jacket for increased safety to a haptic navigational harness for the visually impaired, our students develop design strategies and apply creative innovation to tangible human-centred projects that have real-world impact.

Our hands-on program has been carefully developed in partnership with our Program Advisory Committee, made up of Vancouver-based companies like Arc’teryx, Global Collective, lululemon, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, Mustang Survival and Sugoi, as well as top academics and researchers. This guidance allows us to respond quickly to changes in the marketplace and continually adapt our curriculum to reflect current industry needs and standards, ensuring you're getting the most up-to-date education possible and positioned for success.

We're proud of our strong industry ties and since you'll often work alongside industry professionals, you’ll graduate with the connections needed to launch your technical apparel design career.

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Who Studies Technical Apparel  Design?

The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Apparel Design attracts graduates from a wide range of disciplines, including fashion, textile design, product design, industrial design, interior design, engineering, business or kinesiology. It also appeals to professionals working in areas of design, health and well-being, engineering, sport, and ergonomics. These professionals are drawn to furthering their education to keep up with today's global economy and innovative technologies, along with cultural and environmental sustainability issues.

Students who enjoy success are critical thinkers and independent learners, driven to explore in a creative learning environment that allows unexpected, surprising, and delightful ideas to emerge. Many are currently employed in design, engineering, business, or kinesiology, which is why our program has a flexible model ensuring that applicants who are currently employed can attend without putting their careers on hold.

Want to know what tech apparel students are working on? Check out some of the capstone projects our students have worked on. Learn more about who's studying technical apparel design at the Wilson School of Design by visiting Our Students.

Student Success

Program Overview

Starting in Fall 2021, the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Technical Apparel Design program is launching three new courses and extending the program to 36 credits over two years.

These new courses expand upon technical drawing skills, advanced production skills, and an industry work experience component. In addition, the capstone project course has been spread out over two semesters to allow for ample research and development. The admission requirements remain unchanged.

The Technical Apparel Design post-baccalaureate diploma is a selective entry program, admitting only the most talented students every year. This ensures these students get the individual attention they need to develop their skills and exceed their potential. Our curriculum doesn’t just develop your design skills. It positions you as a strategic thinker who can work in a wide range of apparel and product design industries.

In your first two semesters, you will engage in project-based coursework and meet technical apparel industry professionals through guest lectures and industry site visits. In your final semesters, you will work on a capstone project and launch it at an exhibition that’s attended by industry insiders.

We have a flexible delivery model to meet the needs of our applicants who are currently employed. For more information, please contact the Program Coordinator.

Applicants with experience in the technical apparel design field may gain credits through Prior Learning Assessments (PLA). Please contact the Program Coordinator for more information.

Students may obtain transfer credit for course work taken in other programs at KPU, or at other institutions. All applications for transfer credits are assessed on an individual basis. For information about transfer credit applications, please visit the Office of the Registrar.

Visit our Program Changes page for more information. Still have questions? Check out our FAQ.

Program Overview Admission Requirements

  • Tuition and Fees

    For information on tuition, please visit our Tuition Estimator. There are also mandatory student fees and other fees that you are subject to. You should also be prepared to spend approximately $1,000 on books, supplies, local field trips, fabric and printing over three semesters.

    You may be eligible for scholarships, student loans or other financial aid. Visit Student Awards and Financial Assistance for more information.

  • Laptop

    In addition to the standard tuition and fees, students entering the Technical Apparel Design program should also factor in the cost of a laptop and recommended software to complete projects and course deliverables. To find out minimum specifications and recommended software, please visit our Tuition & Fees page.

  • Travel Opportunities

    You may have opportunities, but will not be required, to travel to interact with partners at universities or technical apparel companies in other provinces and the United States. Travel expenses are not funded through tuition fees. Similar opportunities may be provided locally.


Entrance Package Requirements

Before you submit any of your work to us, you must first apply to KPU. Please visit our Application Information pages for more information about applying to KPU.

Once you have completed your application, you will receive instructions on how to submit your entrance package through an online submission platform. Visit Entrance Package Requirements for information on what to include in your entrance package.

Eligible applicants who have met the application and documentation submission requirements will be contacted for an interview.

Career Information

Our graduates are positioned to become leaders in a wide range of research, design, product development and manufacturing roles. You could also pursue roles in industrial design, the healthcare industry, and business development by launching startups and products into the market.

Upon graduation, our students are actively recruited by the three dozen technical apparel companies that operate in the Lower Mainland, such as Arc’teryx, Global Collective, lululemon athletica, Mountain Equipment Co-op, Mustang Survival and Sugoi. Others use the connections they gained during their time in the program to launch careers in the USA or overseas.

Every year, several of our students are also inspired to pursue graduate studies to further their applied research interests.

Learn more about what is possible through our alumni.