In Summer 2017, we launched the integration of Moodle and Kaltura. The Kaltura Video Package for Moodle allows instructors to create, upload, manage, publish, and deliver high-quality video and share it with their students. Students will be able to create and submit video assignments, contribute to a course media gallery, and receive audio or video feedback on their work. Kaltura also assures optimal playback of video on mobile devices.

Because media files will no longer be stored within Moodle, it will be easier for instructors who use video (and the Learning Technology team) to manage the backup and restore process each semester. Content will be secure and 100% FIPPA compliant, hosted at UBC’s EduCloud virtual data centre and made available through the BCNET/BCcampus Shared Kaltura Service. KPU is one of 8 BC institutions currently participating in the service.

Our participation in the Kaltura Service also provides us with a front-facing institutional video portal similar to YouTube (https://media.kpu.ca/) that will allow departments and service areas to share media publicly or selectively within the KPU Community.

To learn more about the usage of Kaltura, please contact the Learning Technology team.

Consultations & Support

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Want to learn more about Kaltura?  Additional resources are available on Freshdesk.