growing body of evidence suggests that ePortfolios are a high-impact practice that can increase student engagement and success.

KPU supports an open-source ePortfolio platform called Mahara. It is fully integrated with Moodle, KPU’s online learning platform. Any KPU student or faculty member who is able to log into KPU’s main Moodle site can initiate an ePortfolio account by clicking on the GoTo > ePortfolios link that appears on the top horizontal menu bar. Once the account has been initiated from Moodle, students and faculty members can log into the ePortfolio site directly (

Like Moodle, our ePortfolio platform is supported by the Learning Technology team in partnership with KPU’s IT department.

The Teaching & Learning Commons website offers workshops and consultations for faculty members who are interested in exploring ePortfolio learning. See our events page for upcoming workshops or join our ePortfolio Community of Practice: (Click the guest access button if you don’t have a KPU login).

Students using KPU’s ePortfolio platform can get orientations and access tutoring services for using Mahara through the KPU Learning Centres.

Consultations & Support

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