Office of the Vice Provost, Teaching and Learning

Stephanie ChuGreetings! I am delighted to be a member of KPU’s community and to collaborate with others who are committed to our students’ learning experience. Many roles at KPU contribute to the ecosystem of teaching and learning and I am pleased to contribute to the extensive expertise, experiences and aspirations at KPU. 

Within my office is the institution’s teaching and learning centre, which has been renamed to the, "Teaching and Learning Commons" (formerly known as INSTL). The Teaching and Learning Commons serves as catalyst, collaborator, connector, communicator and coordinator for teaching and learning at KPU. In other words, we are stewards, work in partnership with other academic and administrative departments and provide complementary expertise. Together, we will achieve exemplary student learning experiences and leadership in distinctive areas of teaching and learning within the BC post-secondary community, and beyond. 

Priorities include:

  1. Developing an institutional Teaching and Learning Strategy and formal plan for KPU with the University Community.
  2. Fostering a culture of engagement, excellence and innovation in teaching and learning in collaboration with faculty and other educators.
  3. Leveraging the opportunities presented by new approaches to enhance student learning, including open educational practices and learning technology and establishing an infrastructure to inform faculty and educators about new developments and to design and redevelop curriculum.
  4. Engaging internal and external stakeholders to establish strong relationships and maximize the benefits of collaboration across the university as well as being at the forefront of new initiatives, partnerships and programs that will best serve KPU.
  5. Supporting the Institution by working across the four campuses to sustain, support and enhance the university-wide commitment to teaching and learning.

Your input and contributions are integral for planning and our collective success. I invite you to communicate your experiences, interests and areas in which you would like support, and areas of expertise to which you can contribute. This fall, consultations are occurring at each campus and on online means for you to provide input and feedback will be created. I also welcome your email.

I look forward to meeting and working with you. All the best for the upcoming Academic Year.

Stephanie T.L. Chu, PhD
Vice Provost, Teaching & Learning