English Placement Test

The English Placement Test (EPT) is ONLY for students who achieved a C in English 12.

The EPT is the only test that meets the university English requirement. This writing test evaluates your English competency and your results determine what university-level English course you should be placed in.

Many students who take the EPT are placed in ENGQ 1099, ENGQ 1089, or directed to another assessment.

A forty dollar ($40.00) fee is payable at the time of test registration. Testing fees are non-refundable.

Registration and payment can be done online at www.kpu.ca/testing

You should take the EPT test at least 4-6 weeks before registration starts for a new semester. Please note that you may need additional assessment, which could delay registration until the following semester.

Students can write the English Placement Test once per academic semester.

For more information on the test format check out our EPT information sheet.

The results of your assessment is available to be viewed online 5-8 business days after your exam.

Check your ‘STUDENT PROFILE’ to view your test results:

  • Go to: https://one.kpu.ca
  • Click: ‘Online Self Service’ or ‘OSS’  (If it does not appear on the homepage, type in OSS on the Search line at the top of the page)
  • Enter your KPU Student Number and Password. Click: Login
  • Click: Student Menu
  • Click: Prior Education (on the left of the page)
  • Your Test Score(s) will be listed below the header ‘Testing’

If you have questions about your course placements, please book an appointment with an ACA academic advisor: www.kpu.ca/aca/aca-advisor

You can find out more about how to view your test scores here.