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English Language Studies Test (ESL)

The English Language Studies Department at Kwantlen Polytechnic University has placement tests to assess the English proficiency of students entering the English Language Studies or English Language Preparatory Courses.  These tests are used to place students in the courses which will help them develop their English skills for college preparatory and university level courses or programs.

English Language Studies Test (ESL):

The ELS test is done on a computer and includes FIVE skills: Grammar and Vocabulary, Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing. You need to use the computer keyboard and have basic typing skills to take this test.

The test is done in one session.  Please allow yourself up to 3.5 hours to complete the assessments. 

You can see samples of the test on the Aptis website at

Test Results:

After you have completed the English Language Studies Test, wait 5-8 business days for your results to be processed and then check your ‘STUDENT PROFILE’ to view your test results:


  1. Go to:
  2. Click: ‘Online Self Service’ or ‘OSS’  (If it does not appear on the homepage, type in OSS on the Search line at the top of the page)
  3. Enter your KPU Student Number and Password. Click: Login
  4. Click: Student Menu
  5. Click: Prior Education (on the left of the page)
  6. Your Test Score(s) will be listed on the right of the page

If you have any questions about your course placements, you may book an appointment with the ACA Educational Advisor online at or call 604-599-2063 or contact the ACA Advisor by email at


Our office will only keep your test results on file for 90 days after the date of your test.

Note: You are only permitted to take the ELS Placement Test a maximum of three timesYou must wait 4 months before you can take the test again.  Once you have enrolled in the English Language Studies Program, you are not permitted to take the ELS Placement test again.

Registration and Cost:

To book an ELS Assessment go to There is a ninety dollar ($90.00) fee for this test.

Please note the following:

After taking the ELS Assessment, you must wait four months before taking the test again.
Students may write these Assessments only three times.

 If you are unable to make your assessment and want to reschedule,
you must rebook your exam at

NOTE: Once enrolled in the English Language Studies Diploma, you cannot take the tests again. 

If you require assistance in identifying which assessment is most suitable for you,

please make an appointment with the

Future Students Office  604-599-3030

For more information visit: